The Best Milkshake Makers in 2022 to Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

Homemade Cookies and Cream Milkshake in a Tall Glass
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Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry? Or maybe you’re more of a cookie dough or rocky road type. Whatever your tastebuds are craving, you know darn well that ice cream tastes way better when it’s blended up into a milkshake.

Whether it’s a weekly tradition or just a once-in-a-blue-moon sweet treat, milkshakes can get pretty pricey. Who knew putting ice cream through a blender could cost so much? So skip the expense (and the line) this summer and invest in a milkshake machine.

And the best milkshake makers can also double as smoothie blenders, immersion blenders and more. Save yourself time, money and hassle by buying one of the best milkshake makers available in 2022.


1. Hamilton Beach DrinkMaster Classic Drink Mixer


Hamilton Beach is known for its impressive kitchen appliances, with a specialty in some stellar mixing options. Although they’ve completely crushed the blending game (pun intended), we’re currently obsessed with their milkshake maker for the way they’ve mastered our favorite sweet treat. The maker offers two speeds that crush ice and blend drinks to give an exceptionally thick and creamy result, no matter what you throw in the 28oz. cup. The silver maker also serves as a handsome addition to your countertop. So get ready to blend up a classic vanilla or get a little wild and throw some Reese’s in there — the options are endless.

Hamilton Beach 28 oz. DrinkMaster Classic Drink Mixer Courtesy of Target

2. Brentwood Classic Milkshake Maker


Not only can this classic milkshake maker from Brentwood make shakes, but it can whip up smoothies, malts, protein drinks and even cocktails! The classic design and vintage turquoise color make enjoying your favorite blended treats as elegant as it is easy. The Brentwood Classic Milkshake Maker lets you choose between a high or low speed, while the tumbler locks into place to avoid spills. The spindle is made of quality stainless steel so this product will last.

Brentwood Classic Milkshake Maker Courtesy of Amazon

3. Nostalgia MLKS100COKE Milkshake Maker


Move over, root-beer float, you’ve got a new competitor coming your way. With a vintage design that looks like it belongs at a ’50s diner, the Nostalgia MLKS100COKE Milkshake Maker takes you back in time. The machine features two speeds and a 65-watt motor and is made with a durable stainless-steel cup and rod to reduce the possibility of rusting. The heavy weighted base ensures it won’t tip over even at top speed.

Nostalgia MLKS100COKE Milkshake Maker Courtesy of Walmart


4. TFCFL Commercial Electric Blizzard Machine


Several great appliances can whip up a good milkshake but opt for a commercial-grade machine if you want to run a pro dessert operation. The TFCFL Commercial Electric Blizzard Machine makes everything from blizzards to shakes to smoothies. And for a commercial-grade machine, it’s not huge, taking up a 10-by-8-inch space and standing 24 inches tall.

TFCFL-COmmercial-Electric-Blizzard-Ice-Cream-Machine Courtesy of Walmart

5. VEVOR Double-Head Milkshake Machine


Kids get impatient when you’re doling out the frozen drinks. Adults too, for that matter. Make your life easier at your next party by going double-barreled with the VEVOR Double-Head Milkshake Machine. It doesn’t just make two shakes at a time — it makes two great shakes at a time because it spins at up to 36000 rpm to create the smoothest and best-blended drinks. It’s stainless steel so it’s durable and also looks great on your counter. The VEVOR Double-Head Milkshake Machine comes with two old-fashioned stainless steel cups and two transparent PC ones for measuring.

VEVOR-Milkshake-Maker-Double-Head-Milkshake-Machine Courtesy of Amazon


6. Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick


This blending stick from Cuisinart has the same capability any good ol’ milkshake-making appliance has minus the massive structuring, which is excellent for milkshake lovers with little kitchen counter space. The ergonomic design makes this blending option simple to hold — but if you plan on adding chocolate chip cookies, candies or any typical topping to your mixture, you might have some trouble. We suggest this option specifically for blending ice cream solo or if you only plan to add soft fruits.

Cuisinart-CSB-75BC-Smart-Stick-200-Hand-Blender Courtesy of Amazon


7. KitchenAid Blender


We know this isn’t technically a milkshake maker, but it does the job better than most. If you’re looking for a solid blending option for milkshakes smoothies, juices, sauces and cocktails, this KitchenAid blender is a solid pick. It can crush ice in seconds and comes with two 16-ounce personal blender jars you can even take on the go. This blender is so strong that you can throw anything your heart desires into your ice cream blend and create the milkshake of your dreams within seconds.

milkshake maker Courtesy of Amazon


8. Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X Electric Immersion Hand Blender


This is a no-frills blender that makes a mean milkshake in addition to serving as a chopper and a mixer. With easily detachable parts for convenient cleaning and a 150-watt motor that can blast through ice cream and all of your other ingredients, this is simplicity at its best. And simplicity for under $15 bucks can be unbeatable.


Elite-Gourmet-EHB-2425X-Electric-Immersion-Hand-Blender Courtesy of Amazon

9. Hotsch Rechargeable Personal-Size Blender


With one three-hour charge (courtesy of a USB port), the Hotsch Rechargeable Personal Size Blender can whip up 15 cups —this small machine packs a powerful punch. Its stainless-steel blades can spin at up to 24,000 rpm to create a smooth drink even if you add candy, fruit, berries or pretty much anything else you want to enjoy in your next shake.

Hotsch-Personal-Size-Blender Courtesy of Amazon


Updates: This article was updated on June 14, 2022. We replaced the Waring WDM360TX Triple Spindle Drink Mixer with the TFCFL Commercial Electric Blizzard Machine as “Best Commercial,” replaced the “Best Design” OYeet Personal Blender with the “Best for Parties” VEVOR Double-Head Milkshake Machine, replaced the Cuisinart CSB-175BKQVC Smart Stick with the Cuisinart CSB-75B Smart Stick as “Best Handheld,” replaced the “Most Talked About” NutriBullet with the “Best on a Budget” Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X Electric Immersion Hand Blender, and replaced the Adofi Bottle Blender with the Hotsch Rechargeable Personal Size Blender as “Best for Travel.”
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