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This Moving Beer Pong Robot Adds a Whole New Challenge to the Game

As the official (fake) sport of twenty-somethings everywhere, beer pong is one the easiest drinking games to play—but one of the more difficult to truly master. But for those who can’t seem to lose a single round or those just looking to take their skills to another level, we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Enter: BRUU’s Moving Beer Pong Robot. Basically a Roomba with space for your cups, the robot will shuttle around whatever surface you place it on without tumbling off the table, using its smart sensors to be aware ledges. To turn it on, all you need to do is tap a single button, and it’s game time! From there, BRUU instantly elevates the challenge of a normal game of beer pong. The skittering back and forth adds a literal moving target to your game, instantly making your matches more challenging—and ultimately—more fun. The wheels are capable of a complete 360-degree rotation, so there’s no restriction on movement. This adds an unexpected element to each game, making for thrilling matchups that are even more unpredictable than the average game!

And if you’re worried about mess and durability, don’t be! The BRUU was designed with mess in mind. The rubber and plastic construction makes it easy to clean should things (inevitably) get messy over the course of a game— just wipe it down as you would normally do the table and you’re good to go. The makers caution against submerging in water, but a damp cloth or paper towel should do the trick for must mid-game spills.

Each robot has enough space for six cups, but you’ll unfortunately have to buy two robots if you’re using it for anything more than target practice. Each robot is sold separately. BRUU also recommends using SOLO cups, as the platform was designed with their dimensions in mind, but any regular party cups will fit the mold.

An excellent gift for any friend that loves to host parties or for someone that’s obsessed with ensuring their perfect pong record goes unbroken, the BRUU is light and easily carried around from party to party. Charging is a breeze as well, as this little robot is charged via micro USB and should last through more than a few games thanks to its 25-hour runtime.

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