MUD WTR is the Mushroom Coffee Alternative That’s Going to Transform Your Morning Routine

Courtesy of @drinkmudwtr

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Quarantine has brought on a lot of routine changes for many of us, including what we decide to eat and drink. Sticking to our regular routines is not always an option, and that includes our morning routines. Sure, you could drink the same amount of coffee you always do — but without some of that energy burning off during our commute and foot traffic around the office we’re bound to get jittery.

Plus, consuming massive amounts of caffeine is not always the best for your immune system, and we need all of that we’ve got at the moment. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives worth trying out including MUD WTR.

MUD WTR Courtesy of @drinkmudwtr
MUD WTR Courtesy of @drinkmudwtr


MUD WTR is a coffee alternative made of a plentitude of healthy ingredients that boast nutritional benefits and have been used by a variety of cultures around the world for them. It’s got 1/7th the caffeine of coffee and gives you natural energy that will last for longer and not end in a crash.

Some of the ingredients include Chaga, Reishi, and Lions Mane — the brain-boosting mushrooms that have been on everyone’s list of things to research for the past couple of years.

It also has cacao in it, Masala chai, Turmeric, sea salt and cinnamon. The blend tastes great and will give you the buzz you crave to get your morning going or persist through the afternoon without that pesky energy slump afterwards.

All you do is add a tablespoon of the mix to hot water and mix in whatever you like alongside of it, just like coffee. Creamer? Go for it. Honey for a touch of sweetness? Yup, sounds good. They even recommend enjoying it Bulletproof if that’s your thing.

The blend is USDA certified organic, non-gmo, gluten free, vegan, Whole30 safe and even Kosher. To read more about this brain-boosting mushroom coffee mix you can read more on their website here.