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Do You Love Netflix’s Nailed It! Try the At-Home Nailed It Kit, the Ultimate DIY Disaster

Editor’s Note: This kit is currently sold out online, but a Walmart representative told us that it should be able to be shipped to stores for delivery from at Walmart stores. Keep checking online for a potential restock before Christmas.

If you’ve ever watched Netflix’s Nailed It!, then you’ve seen the incredible, glorious messes the contestants have made, and thought you could do better. Now, you can do a Nailed It! challenge at home. Walmart recently partnered with Netflix to create a special hub where you can get official merchandise from your favorite Netflix shows such as Stranger Things, The Witcher, Squid Games, and, yes, Nailed It!

You can grab a Nailed It! At Home Kit at your neighborhood Walmart or online, and then make something delicious straight from the show at home.

The Nailed It! DIY Cupcake Kit gives you the opportunity to stretch your cake decorating muscles and creativity by creating a super frosted alien cupcake. This edible space creature is covered in green frosting, has multiple tentacles, lots of eyes, and oh so many teeth.

This Nailed It at-home kit contains everything you need including the candy eyeballs to make this exact same tasty treat at home. Oh, and when we say everything, we mean they even include the cupcakes that must be transformed into the big green edible alien.

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The big question is, can you make your alien cupcake look exactly like the box? Can you nail it? Or will it end up looking, um, a tad different? You probably have a better chance of “nailing it” than the show’s contestants because you won’t have Nicole, Jacques, or any celebrity judge watching your every move and critiquing your techniques. No bright lights shining down on you, no unfamiliar equipment, nor any wacky jokes thrown your way to throw you off your game. It’s just you in your kitchen with your Nailed It! at-home kit.

Netflix has aired Nailed It! For eight seasons, and there’s more to come. Every season brings on crazy challenges like doing a portrait bust in a cake or turning a cake pop into a 3D animal and more. The show has become so popular that they expanded the series, and it now has a Mexican edition too. Nailed It! Mexico is already on season three, and they have lots of cakes in their future as well.

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If you want to re-enact a Nailed It! competition at home, and pit yourself against a family member or significant other, then pick up two of the Nailed It! DIY Cupcake Kits, start the timer and start baking! Whether or not either of you can recreate the tasty cupcake alien, you’ll both end up with a fantastic dessert that you’ll have a blast making.

The Nailed It! DIY Cupcake Kits can be purchased at Walmart stores nationwide and online.