Enjoy a Heavy Pour Without the Hangover With the Best Non-Alcoholic Wines

non-alcoholic wine
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Wine is an excellent choice for booze when you’re deciding what to get tipsy on. It has expansive versatility and countless varieties to choose from — from robust Cabs to sparkling whites that are lighter than air. Wine is great for a light afternoon drink or a late-night buzz during a movie. Wine is made all over the world, and no matter what your personal taste preferences are — you’re bound to find a wine that suits you. Drinking a lot of wine, however, can give you a nasty hangover. When it comes to next-day funks — wine inflicts a mighty powerful one due to the sugar content and added tannins. If you’re looking to skip out on the post-wine pain, non-alcoholic wine might be the perfect solution.

Believe it or not, there are some alcohol-free wines out there worth batting a de-corker at. Alcohol-free wines are made using a similar process as alcohol-free beer and other booze-less drink alternatives — a process known as dealcoholization (very technical, we know). Alcohol is removed from drinks without ruining their taste through reverse osmosis that at a pressure greater than osmotic pressure. This separates and selectively diffuses ethanol and water, thus removing the alcohol from the wine. Long gone are the days of soda water, juice and citrus being the only options for sober people — now you’ve got your favorite alcoholic drinks minus the inebriation, without sacrificing flavor. We’ve gathered together the best non-alcoholic wines we could find that are available to order online, so you can stay sober and still enjoy.

1. Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower and Rose Lemonade


Achieving high ratings as an alcohol-free wine is difficult, but this brand has done it. Belvoir has hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon for its light, crisp flavor and texture. The rose keeps it sweet while the elderflower gives it nice dimension. It’s a great drink to enjoy on its own or mix with other cordials, syrups and garnishes for some elevated cocktail vibes. Users described it as a rosé-type flavor without the alcohol, and recommended you buy multiple bottles with the first purchase since they ship from the UK!

Belvoir non-alcoholic wine Courtesy of Amazon


2. St. Regis Sparking Brut


This chardonnay variety also has great reviews, and is perfect for  more festive occasions. It has sparkling, lively bubbles as well as crisp, fresh, fruity hints that dance on your palate. This is a perfect substitution for any occasion in which you’d use champagne — including celebrations or mixed with fresh orange juice for a nice mimosa on weekend mornings. Enjoy your brunch and still be able to drive home afterwards by bringing a bottle of this alcohol-free alternative.

St. Regis sparkling brut, non-alcoholic wine Courtesy of Amazon


3. Sutter Home Fre Brut Champagne Wine


Sutter Home makes great budget wine as well as non-alcoholic wine — with this 750ml bottle 2-pack coming in at less than $40. It’s a sparkling brut that’s had the alcohol removed, making it a great alternative to have on hand for your sober, pregnant or nursing friends. This is a sophisticated blend with a refreshing, effervescent fizz that adds to the flavor profile. It has ripe green apple and pear aromas, as well as strawberry notes that round out the palate. It’s a balanced blend with a dry finish that will compliment pasta and seafood well.

sutter home fre champagne wine, non-alcoholic wine Courtesy of Amazon


4. Ariel Chardonnay


Ariel has a few popular, highly-rated blends of non-alcoholic wine including this chardonnay that’s barrel-aged and leads with light, tropical fruit flavors. The barrels introduce a subtle oaky flavor and the profile is complimented with buttery apple and butterscotch. Feel free to let this one set for a bit — as it’ll gain more complexity as it ages. This alcohol-free chardonnay is also an excellent budget wine at only $8.00 a bottle!

ariel chardonnay, non-alcoholic wine Courtesy of Drizly


5. TÖST Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage


This wine alternative comes highly recommended on multiple food and beverage websites and is said to mix well with pretty much any meal. It’s marketed as an alcohol-free champagne with a blend of white tea, white cranberry and ginger that’ll stimulate your senses. It looks, feels and bubbles exactly like the real stuff but contains no alcohol — so it’s perfect for celebrating or giving a festive toast while being inclusive of sober folks. It comes in a 12-pack so you’ll have plenty on hand with one purchase.

tost non-alcoholic wine Courtesy of Food52


6. Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider


You know it, you love it, you’ve probably had it instead of champagne at multiple events with your parents when you were a kid. It’s the fanciest drink a child can reasonably get their hands on, and it’s a delicious alternative for adults and young people alike. It fully delivers on the taste it promises – it’s apple juice with bubbles, and it goes with everything. If you don’t have time to order one of the other options on this list before your get together grab a bottle or two of this at your local market. It’s also one of the only alternatives on this list that’s perfect for family parties because it can safely be enjoyed by people of all ages.

martinelli's sparkling cider, non-alcoholic wine Courtesy of Walmart


7. Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon


This nearly alcohol-free cabernet sauvignon is made by Ariel, the same folks who make the chardonnay above, who clearly know their stuff when it comes to headache-free wine. This oak-aged Ariel non-alcoholic wine blend contains aromas of black currants, cherry, blueberries, chocolate as well as soft tannins. It has a dry finish that’s a perfect compliment to snacks like manchego cheese, carne asada, Texas chili and wood-fired pizza — yum.

ariel cabernet sauvignon non-alcoholic wine Courtesy of Amazon


8. Rondel Zero Non-Alcoholic Cava


This alcohol-free champagne has perfect reviews on totalwine.com and is perfect for special occasions or any small celebratory moment you don’t want a hangover from. It comes from Spain and contains fruity aromas and apple a citrus flavors accented by zesty bubbles. It’s a light drink that’s as bright as it is cheerful, and has reviewers raving about its sparkling-wine taste. Rather than letting the lack of alcohol dull its prospects this bottle shows up fully and is the perfect addition to your table if you want something bubbly.

Rondel zero non-alcoholic cava, non-alcoholic wine Courtesy of Total Wine


9. Georges Vesselle Grand Cru Brut Non Vintage


This non-alcoholic champagne actually comes from Champagne, France — the only place in the world where authentic bubbly originates. It’s got fine bubbles that carry the strong, mature fruity aromas towards your palate with a mineral finish. It’s made using a blend of 2-3 year older wine blends — chosen for their freshness and vivid flavors. It’s perfect as an aperatif or throughout a meal as it’s not too sweet and the taste doesn’t linger on your tongue, according to reviewers.

george vesselle non-alcoholic champagne, non-alcoholic wine Courtesy of Total Wine


10. Señorío de la Tautila Espumoso Rosado Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rose Wine


Love a good glass of summer water? I don’t know about you, but rosé can lead to quite the headache even after a glass or two so this non-alcoholic alternative is a great idea. This is a rosé sparkling wine with a mild taste and refreshing bubbles. It’s made in Spain at the Bodega Señorío de la Tautila winery using traditional methods and then is dealcoholized. It’s a great addition to light soups, broths or cold creams like vichyssoise. It’s also excellent when enjoyed with salads, cheeses, lighter pastas and canapés.

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11. Sparkling Wine Sampler


Not sure which to try? This variety pack gives you a chance to try out four different non-alcoholic wines of varying types so you can decide which is your favorite. The pack includes a bottle of Elivo Zero Zero Deluxe Sparkling wine, one bottle of Princess Bollicine Bianoc Extra Dry wine, one bottle of Perle Blanc and a bottle of Señorío de la Tautila Espumoso Blanco wine. These bottles are from Franch, Italian and Spanish wineries — so you get a good sampling from around the world — and are certified safe for designated drivers. Enjoy your night and enjoy the health benefits of an alcohol-free evening with these tasty blends.

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12. Stella Rosa Peach Non-Alcoholic Wine


Why keep your non-alcoholic wines the boring old standard? This peach flavored wine is alcohol-free and the perfect sweet treat when you’re craving some different from the regular white, red or rosé blends. It’s made in Italy and comes in a decorative, bright bottle that’s perfect for gifting.

stella rose peach wine, non-alcoholic wine Courtesy of Total Wine


13. St Regis Reserve Non-Alcoholic Shiraz


This delicious shiraz non-alcoholic wine has strawberry and raspberry aromas that are sweet and smooth all the way through. It has a soft finish and is light pink in color, making it the perfect addition to your summer day in the park or by the pool. Because of its soft palate and unobtrusive profile it’s great for simple foods like mild, soft cheese and crab cakes.

st. regis shiraz rose wine, non-alcoholic wine Courtesy of Total Wine


14. St. Regis Reserve Non-Alcoholic Nosecco


Get it? Nosecco? Non-alcoholic Prosecco? We know, it’s very clever. Because of that we basically had to give this blend from St. Regis the award for best non-alcoholic Prosecco on our wine round-up. This de-alcoholized sparkling wine has a pale gold color which matches the original stuff. It has a structured flavor profile that’s well-balanced, accented by fruity notes of citrus, nutmeg and delicate white flowers. Make sure you serve it fresh in order to enjoy maximum bubbly-ness!

Nosecco wine, non-alcoholic wine Courtesy of Total Wine