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Fried Chicken Ice Cream: The Summer Treat You Never EVER Knew You Needed

As if the world couldn’t get any weirder, meet fried chicken ice cream: the sweet yet salty delicious frozen treat made to look like fried chicken drumsticks.

Before you get too excited and think this is a way you can eat both ice cream and chicken at the same time, don’t let this bucket fool you. All nine pieces inside each KFC-like bucket are totally chicken-free — it’s just a comedic play on the classic, delicious treat. And it ain’t even April Fools’ Day!

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Courtesy of Goldbelly

The “Not Fried Chicken” ice cream bucket was created by pastry chef Cynthia Wong through Life Raft Treats, South Carolina’s sole chef-driven artisan ice cream truck. All products are made with locally farmed ingredients and in this case, a wicked sense of humor.

Instead of using batter and deep fryers, Wong creates her sweet drumsticks by using decadent waffle ice cream coated in white chocolate and smashed cornflakes for that crunch you’re familiar with at your local fried chicken joint.

We know what you’re thinking, “but, what about the bone?”

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Courtesy of Goldbelly

Oh, there’s a bone, baby. Don’t you worry. But instead of using an actual chicken bone, expect a chocolate-covered cookie stick ready for munching and crunching.

As mentioned, each faux-chick comes strewn inside a fried chicken box you’re going to have to make room for in your freezer. But, believe us: they’re worth it. Just try not to eat them all in one sitting. It’ll be hard, but we believe in you.

These buckets are perfect for a slew of events. A fun dessert at your kid’s high school graduation party, a delicious trick or a gift for dad on Father’s Day, a fun treat to sell at the next PTA bake sale or a simple snack everyone can get behind this summer. The options for eating these babies are endless

Looking to give them a chomp yourself? We knew you would. Right now, you can snag yourself a bucket of the “Not Fried Chicken” ice cream drumsticks for $99 on Goldbelly. Time to trick your taste buds all summer long.