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Meet Ooni, the Luxury Outdoor Pizza Oven That’s 20% Off During Cyber Monday

Oh, you’ve never heard of Ooni? Let us introduce you.

Ooni is none other than our new favorite backyard pizza oven brand. And, yeah, it’s the definitive finishing touch to your backyard kitchen.

This is a premium addition to any outdoor kitchen, and its price tag puts it firmly in the luxury category. However, the brand is hosting a very compelling Cyber Monday sale, and we’re drooling over the thought of all the delicious homemade pizza we could be cooking up.

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Courtesy of Ooni

We know what you’re thinking, “why would I need a backyard pizza oven when I have an oven inside?” Our answer to that? Why wouldn’t you? The best pizza ovens are quintessential to making delicious pizza. You simply can’t recreate the quality elsewhere.

Right now, you can also save big bucks on your very own Ooni pizza oven, because everything online is 20% off as one of the best Cyber Monday deals you can get in on this year.

Pizza ovens from Ooni are available in a number of different styles from wood to gas to multi-fuel. Of course, wood will be the most inexpensive whilst multi-fuel will cost the most. But, everything’s on sale right now, so does it really matter?

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Courtesy of Ooni

All pizza ovens are relatively light making the majority extra portable. Yeah, some you can even bring over to your buddy’s place for delicious pizzas outside of your own home. Ovens reach almost 1,000°F in around 20 minutes to create scrumptious stone-baked pizzas in just 60 seconds. You’ll be eating like a true Italian in no time!

Better get in on this deal quick, you only have until the rest of the day. And, believe us, this is easily one of the best Christmas gifts of the year. Just imagine the look of surprise when someone sees this under the tree.

Check out all of the best Ooni pizza ovens below and make the best pie in the neighborhood.