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Peeps Cereal Has Released for Easter — Here’s Where to Buy It

It’s almost spring, and that means it’s time for all of your favorite Easter-themed candy to hit the shelves. Our beloved Peeps have already emerged. These sugar-crystal-covered marshmallows are a true signifier of the changing of the seasons, and this year we’ve also noticed the return of one of our favorite Peeps products.

That’s right, Peeps cereal is now on sale, and we’re so looking forward to enjoying these for breakfast as well. Not only is this limited-edition cereal marshmallow flavored, but it also includes real marshmallow pieces like Lucky Charms.

Reviewers have likened the taste to golden Oreos and the texture to Apple Jacks. The light pink, beige and blue pieces all complement one another to create a sweet vanilla profile likely to satisfy any sweet tooth looking for a morning sugar rush.

This cereal is adorable and will definitely get you in the spirit of spring, whether you celebrate Easter or not. Mix it in with another cereal if you’re feeling creative or use the Peeps coffee creamer in your morning cup to round out the whole flavor experience.

The cereal is currently available to purchase on Target’s website, so pick up a box or two and kick off spring in sweet, sugary fashion.

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Courtesy of Peeps