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Personalized Flasks Are the Perfect Gift for a Wedding Day (Or Any Special Occasion)

The best gifts are often the ones that exist somewhere between sentimental and practical. You don’t want anything so precious that the recipient will be afraid to enjoy it, but it shouldn’t be so pedestrian that they’ll think you bought it five minutes before you saw them. Personalized flasks fit right in that sweet spot.

Personalized flasks are a great gift for groomsmen, especially if your groomsmen are your old drinking buddies. Even if you’re not getting married any time soon or you’re already married, a personalized flask makes a great gift for any special occasion, be it birthdays or graduations.

Most of these options can be customized right from the listing, making it super easy to get your gifts engraved. Many of these sellers have a very quick turnaround, too. If you need a last-minute gift that doesn’t feel last minute, then these are the personalized flasks to get.

1. Swanky Badger Personalized Hip Flask

This flask from Swanky Badger is a sleek matte black with rounded corners, giving it a classy and modern look. The engraving is available in various fonts and styles, including traditional lettering with a decorative border, minimalist vertical lettering, or a circular monogram. You can also choose to engrave both sides of the flask or just one side.

Pros: Sleek matte look. Laser engraving that’s available in various fonts and styles, including both front and back etching. Includes a gift box.

Cons: Somewhat expensive

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2. YWQ Hip Flask Matte Black

While this flask doesn’t come with an engraving option, the sleek matte black surface lends itself well to getting engraved separately. Plus, the flask is affordable enough to stock up on a few if you’re gifting them to groomsmen. The flask also includes a compact funnel, eliminating the most annoying problem of trying to gently pour into the small flask spout.

Pros: Sleek matte black design. Affordable. Includes a funnel. Can be ordered individually or in sets of six.

Cons: Engraving not offered by this seller, but the flask’s matte surface lends itself well to getting engraved.

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3. BarMe Hip Flask, Built-in Collapsible Shot Glass

While this flask is not offered with the option to get it engraved, it certainly is unique. It features a collapsible steel shot glass that fits into a hole on the side of the flask. The outside of the flask has a stylish black synthetic leather design, and a separate funnel is also included for easy pouring.

Pros: Stylish synthetic leather exterior, features a unique collapsible shot glass that fits into a hole on the side of the flask.

Cons: The shot glass isn’t attached using a magnet, making it less secure. Engraving not offered.

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