These Cocktail Subscription Kits Bring the Bar To You

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Since the pandemic started, getting your hands on quality cocktails has become a lot less accessible. In many places, you still can’t grab a concoction whipped up by your local bartender. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable going out and socializing just yet. Or perhaps the idea of blending the right sweet, sour, salty, and bitter notes within a drink sounds intimidating.

The solution? Cocktail subscription kits. These companies allow you to click and pick online so you booze it up at home, without the legwork. From alcohol-free picks to recipes carefully crafted by prestigious bartenders, these kits include all the necessary ingredients to engineer the perfect drink for any season.

By signing up for a subscription service, you often save more money than with a one-time delivery. Subscriptions allow you to indulge your inner connoisseur or try new things, no matter what kind of drinker you are. Most services include month-to-month subscriptions, as well as pre-pay options for three, six, and 12 months.

Making your own cocktail at home is fine when it comes to simpler concoctions, but when it comes to upping your game, it’s best to leave it to the pros. These are the best cocktail subscription kits to buy right now.


1. Saloon Box Subscription Kit


If you don’t want to head down to the local liquor store, and prefer a complete kit, SaloonBox includes exclusive mini spirits that are hard to find. If your state doesn’t permit shipped alcohol, select “Everything But the Booze.” Think hibiscus-infused organic gin and passion fruit liqueur. Originality is the selling factor in these premium kits, which always include background info on ingredients, and small-batch garnishes, syrups, and bitters. Past cocktails include the Rye Ginger Shrub, with rye whiskey, honey syrup, Pink House Alchemy ginger shrub, and bitters.

saloonbox subscription box Image courtesy of Saloonbox

2. Mash and Grape Subscription Kit


If your interest lies mostly in spirits and you have an aversion to mixers, Mash & Grape’s offerings will look like paradise. High-quality subscriptions are available for any spirits you can think of, including scotch, rum, tequila, whiskey, bourbon, and gin. Once you pick what you like, Mash & Grape curates and delivers an expertly chosen bottle from award-winning small distillers and independent bottlers. Reviewers find customer service and quality to both be exceptional, with a product range that never disappoints.

Image courtesy of Mash and Grape

3. Curious Elixirs Subscription Kit


If you don’t consume alcohol but still enjoy indulging in craft cocktails, Curious Elixir was created just for you. Their bottled drinks are 100% organic, with dynamic flavors and health benefits to match. While Curious No. 2 is a pomegranate-inspired take on the Negroni, drinks like Curious No.4 contain stress-relieving ingredients like ginseng, turmeric, blood orange and tulsi to invigorate your system. Reviewers describe the cocktails as “complex and satisfying” with flavors that are akin to the original cocktails, but better.

Image courtesy of Curious Elixirs

4. Haus Aperitif Subscription Kit


An aperitif is a drink served before a meal that’s meant to stimulate your appetite. These pre-dinner drinks have a lower alcohol content than hard liquor and magnificently unique flavors. Drink Haus is all about catering to the aperitif experience — each kit includes four bottles, which make up to three drinks. Their bestseller is Citrus Flower, which carries notes of lemon and elderflower, but alternatives like Spiced Cherry and Ginger Yuzu make it hard to pick. Luckily, you don’t have to — their subscription service lets you explore them all.

Image courtesy of Haus

5. Crafted Taste Subscription Kit


Crafted Taste isn’t exactly for those on a shoestring budget, but if you’re looking to splurge, treat yourself to this subscription which includes creative mixers and a full-sized bottle. Apart from your recipe instructions, this kit includes your full-size bottle (a premium upgrade is available for this), all necessary bitters or syrups required cocktail napkins, Tovolo Ice Sphere Molds and more. If $150 a month becomes too steep of a price tag, you can always cancel their month-to-month plan at any time, with no penalty.

Image courtesy of Crafted Taste

6. Crafty Cocktails Subscription Kit


This curated cocktail box doesn’t actually include alcohol, instead, it focuses on rare and exotic ingredients to enhance flavors, like their charred cedar bitters. The bonus of this box being booze-free is that you don’t have to sign for it on delivery, and shipping costs are much lower. Each box includes fresh herbs and spices and botanically infused tonics that will make your senses sing, along with small-batch bitters, syrups and shrubs. While this kit includes detailed instructions, this company’s website offers videos on mixology techniques.

Image courtesy of Crafty Cocktails

7. Cocktail Courier Subscription Kit


The customization is a big perk with Cocktail Courier — this website allows you to have maximum control over your subscription in terms of swapping cocktails, selecting your favorite spirit categories and adding or skipping deliveries. Explore seasonal creations and unconventional twists on classics that you’ll never get bored of. Each kit includes hard-to-find mixes, spirits, and even garnish for the beverage. Their online shop includes tools like jiggers, shakers and reamers to help you expand your home bar.

Image courtesy of Cocktail Courier

8. American Cocktail Club Subscription Kit


For those intimidated by the price tag on cocktail subscription kits, American Cocktail Club is the best way to start out. They bring “Michelin-star quality cocktails” to the comfort of your living room, offering both booze-free and spirit-filled boxes for a range of needs. Those who like a kick will find the spicy ginger mule and smoky chipotle margarita mixers mouthwatering. The “Everything Box” totals out to a max of $49.99 monthly, which is a steal when compared to American Cocktail Club’s competitors.

Image courtesy of American Cocktail Club


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