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Get Your Snack On With These Low-Carb Pork Rinds

Chicharrones are the kind of mythical snack that’s weirdly hard to find. At least the good ones are. Maybe your memory of chicharrones was buying them in high school off an enterprising peer who stocked rare snacks and frozen Gatorade in his Jansport. Or maybe you’re lucky enough to have had the traditional, fresh variety. Either way, chicharrones, or pork rinds in English, are special. They elicit either intense cravings or serious disgust, but fans are willing to search all over town for the best ones.

If you’re not part of the pork rinds cult, here’s a brief primer. It’s the skin of a pig that’s been deep-fried, leaving a crispy, airy snack. The dish originated in Spain but was introduced to Latin America. Technically, pork rinds can refer to pork skin that’s prepared in a different way, just like chicharrones can refer to the deep-fried skin of chicken or other animals. So while they’re not exactly interchangeable, the terms are often used to refer to the same thing.

Pork rinds are also a great snack for low-carb and keto diets — they’re packed with protein, but many options are carb-free. But most importantly, they’re just plain delicious. These are the ones to get.

1. Utz Pork Rinds

If you’re looking for a flavored option, these pork rinds have a hot and spicy flavor. They come in a 12 pack of snackable 5 oz bags. The flavoring means they’re not as keto-friendly as plain varieties. There are a variety of other flavors as well, including plain

Pros: Comes in a 12 pack of 5 oz bags. Variety of flavors available.

Cons: Some varieties have sugar.

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2. Lowrey’s Bacon Curls Microwave Pork Rinds

These pork rinds come in individually wrapped packs, and they have a spicy flavoring. They’re designed to be microwaved, so they’ll taste more fresh and fluffy than non-microwave varieties.

Pros: Spicy flavor. Microwavable, so they’re fluffier than dried pork rinds.

Cons: Easy to overcook.

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3. Golden Flake Pork Rind Barrel

Stock up on delicious pork rinds with this option from Golden Flake, which comes in a large 18 oz barrel. It has 8 grams of protein and is gluten-free, making it a great low-carb snack. In fact, this keto-friendly option has zero carbs per serving.

Pros: Zero carbs per serving, making for a good keto option. Large barrel size.

Cons: Only one flavor and size available from this listing.

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