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Add Some Elegance to Your Next Party With These Punch Bowls

Fall is upon us which means its time to start planning for more get-togethers. Whether you are throwing a large Thanksgiving feast or small holiday party, the proper serving serveware is a must. We have rounded up a few classic punch bowls to help get you started that will keep your guests happy and your party going on well into the night.

A great place to start when choosing a new punch bowl is whether you want glass or crystal. Punch bowls come in a variety of materials and color options and the ones we chose below include both glass and crystal varieties. These bowls are all elegant in design and will make a statement on any tabletop or in any giftware collection. In addition, we have thrown in one full set of traditional serveware, which includes matching glasses and a traditional serving ladle.

Versatile for serving punch, sangria or any type of favorite pre-mixed cocktail, these punch bowls can also be used as food serving bowls, centerpieces filled with your favorite fruit and will make a great gift for those special people in your life.

1. Godinger Dublin Crystal Punch Bowl Set

The Godinger Serving Bowl is made of elegant-cut crystal with a large capacity. It’s a great option for your next large get-together, because in addition to the bowl and ladle, 8 serving cups are included. The cups have an 8.5 oz capacity, while the bowl has a generous 1.5 gallon capacity.

Pros: Stylish set. Includes cups and ladle. Large capacity bowl.

Cons: Some may prefer a more economical option.

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2. Viski Footed Glass Punch Bowl

If traditional crystal isn’t your style, consider the modern look of this bowl from Viski. It has a heavy base with a widely flared bowl, giving it a stylish and minimal look.  The angular design isn’t just for show, either — it makes it easier to scoop from, and the bowl has a high capacity. It can hold over 2.5 gallons.

Pros: Large opening for easier reach. Stylish modern look. Generous capacity for big parties.

Cons: No ladle included.

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3. Libbey Selene Punch Bowl Set

The Libbey Selene Punch Bowl Set is a 10 piece set that includes eight rounded punch glasses, one large clear punch bowl, and one matching ladle. Made from one of the top glassware manufacturers in America, this set is versatile and great for serving punch, sangria or cocktails and will stand out on any table spread.

Pros: This punch bowl set is lead-free.

Cons: This glass is very thin and should be handled with care.

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