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The Top 10 Reusable Iced Coffee Cups to Help You Ditch Single-Use Plastic in 2022

Sipping iced? Us too.

Tons of us around the globe prefer iced coffee over hot. There’s just something about iced coffee that hits the spot in a way hot coffee simply can’t. Lucky for us, a lot of today’s best coffee makers even have the ability to whip up a cold cup you’re sure to love. In addition, even cold brew is effortless to DIY with the best cold brew coffee makers.

While these help us iced coffee drinkers save hundreds monthly and diminish a trip to the local coffee spot, there’s one issue we’ve found that negatively affects our love for iced coffee: moveability.

Purchasing iced coffee out is easy because baristas have all the right tools to give you. The classic plastic cup, the lid, the straw. Simple. When at home, you might find yourself making iced coffee in a regular glass. While that’s no problem, it limits you to your home interior. Meaning, unlike iced coffee you sip out and about, you have to finish it at home before leaving the house. That’s why every iced coffee drinker needs a reusable iced coffee cup.

Reusable iced coffee cups take the hardships out of sipping iced joe on the go. Simply fill up your cup, throw on the lid, shove that straw in and leave the house. It’s that simple. Most reusable iced coffee cups are simple tumblers you may otherwise fill with water or juice, but that’s what makes them so easy to use. You’re familiar with the shape and you can essentially drink whatever you’d like out of them, coffee or not.

Plus, reusable iced coffee cups significantly cut the amount of single-use plastics ending up in our landfills over time. As per EarthDay.Org in 2018, it’s said that the world uses over 500 billion plastic cups per year with 16 billion disposable coffee cups as the culprit. These numbers are bananas and need to be changed. Everyone who drinks iced coffee should be doing so in a reusable format.

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That being said, it’s time for you to be part of the change. We found some of the best reusable iced coffee cups you can purchase on the internet. See our favorites below.

1. tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler

It doesn’t get more elegant than this 20oz glass tumbler from tronco. This modern reusable iced coffee cup has an uber sleep design that features borosilicate glass and a wood friction-fit lid to keep your coffee looking classy from home to the streets.

The glass is entirely odor and stain-free to keep every sip feeling fresh. The exterior is coated with a silicone sleeve (that’s available in a number of colors) for an easy no-slip grip that will make you feel comfortable bringing glass out on the town. The tumbler can fit both hot and cold liquids, but under no circumstances should you microwave or freeze.

Quantities are available in solo options, 2-packs and 4-packs and each reusable iced coffee cup is machine washable for your convenience. Sipping iced coffee has really never looked cooler.

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Courtesy of Amazon


2. YETI Rambler

You can never go wrong with YETI, especially when it comes to the brand’s 26oz insulated rambler.

This extra larger reusable iced coffee cup retains the degree of your beverage’s temperature the second you place it inside. Meaning, no, your ice won’t melt leaving you with watered down, lukewarm coffee at the end of the day.

Each rambler is topped with a plastic lid and straw to diminish single-use waste. The straw has a molded stopper that keeps it safe inside so it never accidentally falls out onto the ground. In addition, the cup is totally shatterproof and safe to throw right in the dishwasher.

Colors? They’ve got plenty. But right now, we’re crushing on YETI’s brand-new Offshore Blue colorway the most.

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Courtesy of YETI


3. Simple Modern Insulated Tumbler

With 4.9 out of 5 stars and over 50,000 reviews on Amazon, Simple Modern’s Insulated Tumbler should not be overlooked.

This vacuum-insulated tumbler is double-walled to keep your iced coffee frigid for hours on end with an 18/8 stainless steel interior. If you’re taking your tumbler in your car, slip it right into your car’s cupholder, given its ability to fit in most.

Like sipping your coffee strawless? No worries, in addition to the straw lid, Simple Modern includes an insulated flip lip for easy sipping with no straw included. Sip anything hot or cold with our without a straw!

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. Stojo 16 oz Cup

A reusable iced coffee cup that can collapse for easy storage? Yes, please!

This adorable cup from Stojo fits the perfect pint of iced coffee. This silicone cup is designed with a leak-proof lid with a mouth tab and straw. To make your life easier, it collapses down on itself after drinking for easy storage on the go.

In addition, this cup is totally dishwasher safe and is available in tons of different colors.

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Courtesy of Stojo


5. W&P Porter Insulated Tumbler

If it’s from W&P, it’s going to be great.

The Porter Insulated Tumbler is how everyone should be sipping their iced coffee in 2022. With a ceramic coating, your iced coffee will never touch metal but still get all the coldness metal brings to your drink. It fits into just about any standard cup holder for an easy commute to work.

W&P even allows customers to personalize this cup, so throw your name on there if you want.

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Courtesy of W&P


6. Eco To Go Cold Drink Tumbler

Effortless, easy and affordable. This reusable iced coffee cup will fit in amongst the plastic due to its classic-looking stature whilst staying totally eco-friendly.

This acrylic cup keeps your beverage cold with less sweat on your cup’s exterior for minimized slippage. This is made for cold drinks only, so do not place any hot beverages inside. In addition, this cup is not to be frozen or placed in the microwave.

Clear not your color? No worries, you can also purchase this cup in a few translucent pinks, purples and more.

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Courtesy of Amazon


7. Strata Cups Tumblers

A colorful four-pack? Sign us up.

This four-pack from Strata Cups is ideal for the whole family — or for those of you that don’t like to do dishes. These acrylic tumblers are great to use for both cold and hot beverages, making them ideal for multi-use purposes. Each cup is splash-proof, so all liquid will stay in without ever leaking out.

There are tons of fun colors available that either feature four of the same or four different. We suggest picking up a pack that offers different colors in one to match your mood for the day.

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Courtesy of Amazon


8. Kodrine 20oz Glass Water Tumbler

Why have a reusable iced coffee cup if it isn’t pretty? It’s going to be one you continue to use for years, so make sure it’s a good-looking cup that expresses your style well and makes you want to ditch plastic disposables.

This reusable iced coffee cup has a silicone exterior that doesn’t hide the majority of the cup so you can always see how much you’ve got left. The silicone offers a fun burst of color and, of course, an easy-to-grip experience.

The cup itself is made entirely of glass, so it’s not to be frozen or microwaved. In addition, the glass is topped with a bamboo lid for an attractive look that diminishes leaks.

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Courtesy of Amazon


9. Suertestarry Tumbler

Five colorful reusable iced coffee cups for under $20? Sign us up.

These gorgeously speckled iced coffee cups are an ideal way to bring your iced coffee around town in style. The cups are non-slip with a brushed design to rid of condensation with a straw made with a ring design so it won’t fall out.

We will say that these aren’t the best-made cups in the world and you might consider them to feel a bit more “cheap” than others, but hey, they look cool and get the job done.

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Courtesy of Amazon


10. Carter Everywhere Mug

The Carter Everywhere Mug isn’t exactly made for iced coffee, but we don’t care. It’s for iced coffee if we want it to be.

This cup is an extremely durable, lidded coffee mug that you can bring… well… everywhere. It’s made for hot coffee so it comes without a lid and straw, but iced coffee retains its desired temperature and looks way too good inside.

While this cup isn’t suited for most cup holders, this is an ideal desk sitter you’ll want to keep in the office for all of your iced coffee slug backs.

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Courtesy of Carter