Make a Positive Impact on the Environment by Switching to Reusable Straws

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Bans on disposable plastic straws are continuing to stretch into more US states and countries around the world. Millions of plastic straws are used each day and many of those straws end up in oceans where they have a direct negative impact on the environment. Major US companies like American Airlines, Starbucks and Bon Appétit have banned disposable straws, with many cities in Canada, Scotland and China following suit. While the outright banning of disposable straws does have some negative impacts, especially in the disabled community, anyone who is able to make the switch to reusable straws should do so.

Switching from disposable to reusable items almost always has a positive impact on the environment. Less plastic means less energy going into making the product and the resulting disposal of that product. Plus, most reusable straws are more comfortable to use as they retain their shape. They also often encourage the carrying of a reusable tumbler, which further cuts down on plastic and paper cups in landfills.

If you regularly use straws at home, investing in a pack of reusable straws is far more financially responsible than continually buying disposable ones. Reusable straws are also better for your health, as the straws we’ve included on our list are all free from BPA, unlike a lot of disposable plastic.

What to Consider Before Buying Reusable Straws

There are a wide variety of designs and materials to choose from when it comes to which reusable straws you use. This means it’s worth your time answering a few questions about what kind of straw would best suit your individual needs.

How many straws do you need? If you’re intending on supplying a whole household or get-together with reusable straws, you’re going to need more than one. Luckily, there are plenty of multipacks available, including options with a range of colors inside to make it easier for individuals to keep track of their straw. Conversely, if you’re simply looking for a reusable straw for personal use, there are smaller packs that are better suited to couples or even a single drinker.

Are you going to be using your straws at home or on the go? A big decision that affects the type of reusable straw you’re going to want is whether you’re going to be using it at home or when you travel. For home use, there are plenty of rigid straws which are tumbler or mason jar ready and don’t come with travel bags. While for travel, you’ll find telescopic or more compact straws which are usually supplied with a handy carry bag or case to make storing and transporting your straws especially easy.

What kind of beverages are you going to be consuming? Another factor worth considering when it comes to your straw choice is what needs to pass through it. If all you’re going to be drinking are thinner liquids like water and soda, a narrower diameter is no problem. However, if you want to enjoy the delights of smoothies, shakes and boba, you may be better aiming for a straw with a wider diameter.

How We Chose the Best Reusable Straws

The criteria to be called one of the best reusable straws was pretty simple. We looked for straws with a high-quality construction that were capable of performing the tasks they advertise. In the case of a straw, the very least we expected was for it to pass liquid through. Additional factors found in our list include being travel friendly, having a trimmable construction, sporting a near-unbreakable makeup or being a comprehensive set with everything multiple drinkers would need. In short, we have every base covered.

If you’re ready and able to make the switch to reusable straws, check out our favorite options below.


1. StrawExpert Reusable Stainless Steel Straws


If you regularly drink out of different-sized drinking vessels and need a set to keep up with this change, these StrawExpert Reusable Stainless Steel Straws could be the right choice for you. The 16-piece set is made up of four different types of reusable stainless steel straw, two lengths of straight straw and two lengths of curved straw. Handily, each silver-colored straw comes supplied with a colored silicone cover which helps identify the straw and prevent the drinker’s lips from getting too cold or too hot. Furthermore, this comprehensive pack includes four straw cleaning brushes and a drawstring carry pouch for easier storage and portability.

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2. HIWARE Reusable Boba and Shake Straws


If you love bubble tea, smoothies, shakes or anything which falls on the thicker side of the beverage scale, you’re going to want these HIWARE Reusable Boba and Shake Straws. The pack comes with eight individual straws, each a different color so it’s easier for everyone to remember which one is theirs. The 10.25-inch straws are made from BPA-free, food-grade plastic and feature angled tips to make puncturing plastic lids easier. Handily, the set also includes two full-length cleaning brushes if you don’t have a dishwasher on hand.

hiware wide reusable straws Courtesy of Amazon


3. Doboli Collapsible Stainless Steel Drinking Straw


These Doboli Collapsible Stainless Steel Drinking Straws are an ideal option for anyone wanting a compact straw for work, nights out, travel, parties or any other occasion away from home. Each pack includes two telescopic straws which are made from food-grade, 304 stainless steel. Each straw is also accompanied by a full-length cleaning brush, a compact storage case and a carabiner, allowing you to attach your stored straw to bags, buckles and any other loops. Furthermore, you can choose from over 10 different colors.

best reusable straws doboli Courtesy of Amazon


4. ALINK Tritan Plastic Reusable Straws


One of these ALINK Tritan Plastic Reusable Straws’ biggest selling points is their unbreakable construction. In addition to being BPA-free and transparent, the Tritan plastic from which they are constructed won’t break under bending, crushing or any other everyday test. The pack includes 10 straws which are all differently colored for easy individual identification. You’ll also find the edges have been intentionally rounded for a more user-friendly experience while the 10.5-inch length ensures they’re compatible with a range of vessels, including tumblers, mugs and glasses.

alink long rainbow reusable straws Courtesy of Amazon


5. Hiware Reusable Stainless Steel Straws Set


Inside this set of Hiware Reusable Stainless Steel Straws, you’ll find 12 individual straws of four different lengths. Their metal construction is particularly durable and makes them a great option for particularly accident-prone people or for families with kids who love to try and break things. The varying lengths are also handy if you often drink out of vessels of different sizes, whether that be a 30-ounce tumbler or a mason jar. For easy cleaning, the set includes two cleaning brushes, or it’s also possible to put the straws in a dishwasher.

hiware reusable stainless steel straws Courtesy of Amazon


6. Flathead Products Silicone Drinking Straws


Take reusable straws with you wherever you go thanks to the convenient carrying bag included in this pack of 10 Flathead Products Regular Size Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws. Each straw in the pack is made from high-quality silicone which is BPA-free and ideal for use with either 20 or 30-ounce tumblers. These versatile drinking straws can also be used in either hot or cold drinks and be washed in the dishwasher if you don’t fancy having to wash them one by one.

best reusable straws flathead Courtesy of Amazon


7. CVNDKN Crazy Straws


These CVNDKN Crazy Straws are ideal for keeping kids entertained and away from one-time-use plastic straws. The fun twists and turns offer visual stimulation for the drinker as the liquid finds its way up the straw. Plus, as well as featuring 12 different shapes, the pack contains 12 different colors, giving you a fractional overlap in the 24 included. Length-wise, the straws range between 9.85 and 10.3 inches, making them ideal for all kinds of tumblers and glasses. If you’re looking for a fun pack of reusable party straws, this one definitely fits the bit.

best reusable straws cvndkn Courtesy of Amazon


8. Hiware Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws


Thanks to their silicone construction, bright colors and 10-inch length, these Hiware Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws are hard to beat when it comes to a ready-to-share pack of reusable drinking straws. They are all made from a food-grade, BPA-free silicone, ensuring you won’t have to endure any unpleasant, plastic-y taste as you drink. They are also ideally suited for use in 30-ounce cups but can be trimmed to better fit smaller or differently shaped vessels should the need arise. These straws are great for a range of occasions including BBQs, picnics, nights out and office parties.

best reusable straws hiware Courtesy of Amazon


9. Bambaw Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws


These Bambaw Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws are the ideal alternative for people who want to stay clear of plastic or stainless steel. This 12-pack of straws is made up of two different lengths of bamboo straws which are accompanied in the set by a cleaning brush, a drawstring bag and a complete user guide on how to best care for the straws. Because of their organic material construction, this is one of the least environmentally impactful ways to enjoy drinking from a straw.

best reusable straws bambaw Courtesy of Amazon


10. Razita Slyire Reusable Plastic Straws


With 30 straws included inside each pack of Razita Slyire Reusable Plastic Straws, you’ll have more than enough for sharing with friends, family and anyone else who wants to help save the environment. The straight drinking straws each measure 10.25 inches, making them ideal for all kinds of vessels, including tumblers and mason jars. The reusable, eco-friendly plastic, from which all of the straws are made, can also be cut, allowing you to tailor your straw length to a specific drinking vessel. Plus, the set includes a number of different straw colors so it’s possible to tell people’s individual straws apart.

razita slyire reusable straws Courtesy of Amazon


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