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The Ridiculously Perfect Device to Help You Dip Nugs Behind the Wheel

Picture this: you’re cruising a little over 60 on the freeway on the way to God knows where. Your parents’ house? An Airbnb by the coast? Across the country? Wherever.

You’ve been on the road for quite some time at this point. You already acquired an essential iced coffee for the long trip ahead, but it’s completely watered down by now. You can feel your tummy grumbling and you don’t know how much longer you can go without a quick bite. Then, you see it. The golden arches in the distance. McDonald’s is just ahead.

So, you get to the drive-thru, you order yourself a Big Mac, a Coke, some fries, a couple of chicken nuggets and some extra dipping sauce — just in case. When you get to the window to retrieve your food, you ask for sauce one more time and make sure you physically watch them place it into the bag. They do and you’re thrilled.

You get yourself back on the road realize, “how the hell am I going to dip and drive at the same time!?”

You try your lap, you spill BBQ on your knees. Your dash is next and suddenly there’s honey mustard in your view. Then, your center console. Don’t even get us started on where the ranch went. You’ll never see her again. If only you had a way to safely dip and drive at the same time without ever making a mess. Well, now you do.

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Courtesy of Amazon

With the Saucemoto Dip Clip, you can dip fries, nugs and burgers without ever having to think twice about it. How? Well, the Saucemoto Dip Clip safely mounts and locks itself onto any car’s air conditioning vent to create a safe spot for your sauce cups to fit no matter their size.

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The Saucemoto is designed with a five-in-one holding zone that fits sauce cups from any major chain and even comes with an extra food-safe tub in case you have a little bit of trouble fitting a sauce cup. Additionally, this baby’s great for any ketchup-lovers out there, considering the world’s favorite red dipping sauce typically comes in a packet rather than a cup.

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Courtesy of Amazon

Feel free to dip in any driving condition too, whether you’re smooth-sailing down the highway or off-roading with your buds. No, for real, the guys at Saucemoto genuinely gave the holder the off-roading test to ensure sauce stayed safe and sound through all the bumps and turns.

While you might have missed out on what’s realistically the best stocking stuffer of 2020, there’s no wrong time to gift something this awesome. Consider the Saucemoto for any upcoming birthday or even a Valentine’s Day gift for your sauce-loving partner. The best part of all? The Saucemoto comes in a pack of two, so feel free to snag one for yourself before gifting. They’ll never know!