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So Gay Rosé: The World’s Gayest Beverage That Launched Just in Time For Pride Month

It’s June — and you know what that means. Happy Pride Month, y’all!

We’re celebrating our true colors all month long to commemorate what it took for us LGBTQ+ folk to get where we are today. Although there are still many LGBTQ+ issues we need to fight for in 2021, there is also a lot to celebrate.

So, put on your cutest summer ‘fit, slap on your best jockstrap, shake a lil’ ass and let’s party with the newest, most iconic gay-centric summer sipper: So Gay Rosé.

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Courtesy of So Gay Rosé

So Gay Rosé is taking the country by storm one can at a time by giving folks the perfect Pride-ready drink to sip by the pool, at the beach, in the park, on the way to the pregame, at the Pride Parade — wherever. Each can is 14.0% ABV which is earth-shattering for a rosé. Not only that, but I’m also talking a 0 sugar, 100-calorie, gluten-free concoction all jammed into a 100% recyclable can.

So, yeah, you can stick to your summer diet the whole season through and still slug back a few cans of So Gay Rosé. Does it get any better?

So Gay Rosé was created in part by SPY’s former managing editor Tim Chan, who is now Director of Products & Commerce at Rolling Stone and Billboard. But, that doesn’t mean that upon first taste, I wouldn’t spill the full tea on whether it is or isn’t actually good.

Typically, I tend to stay away from low-cal wine because it simply doesn’t taste at all like wine. Most of the time, it feels like a watered-down, seltzer-esque formula that doesn’t hit the same way rosé does. So, you can say I was a bit hesitant.

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But, I can promise you, lack of flavor is not the case whatsoever with So Gay Rosé.

I had the chance to try a couple of cans myself to put So Gay Rosé to the ultimate taste test and found that, surprisingly, it tastes just like a delicious, full-calorie rosé. It’s got all those fruity notes you want with the slightest ting of carbonation that keeps it perfect for keeping in the cooler this summer. Excuse my French, but it’s also fucking phenomenal poured into a glass of ice and gets you tipsy much more quickly than any of the best spiked seltzer brands. Which is all we want in the long run, right?

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Courtesy of So Gay Rosé

Not only is So Gay Rosé a tasty, tipsy sipper ready to beat the heat, but I’m personally here for the branding. As a gay man that grew up as a closeted kid in New Jersey, the term “so gay” was thrown around left and right as something deemed derogatory. So Gay Rosé is working to reclaim the negative meaning behind “so gay” by turning it into “so great”. The re-envisionment truly allows for those sipping with pride to live colorfully, openly and proudly. Beat that, middle school bullies.

Right now, you can get yourself a pack of So Gay Rosé available in three different size options:

  • No Strings Attached — an 8-pack at $6/can
  • Sugar Baby — a 12-pack at $5.50/can
  • Sugar Daddy — a 24-pack at $5/can plus free shipping

Ready to have the gayest summer ever and give So Gay Rosé a shot? Good. We thought so.