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SPAM Is Bringing Us Some Figgy Pudding for Christmas This Year (in a Tin, of Course)

When SPAM says it’s the holiday season, it’s the holiday season. 🍖

Yesterday, everyone’s favorite tinned meat brand released the most festive, limited-edition tinned meat you never knew you wanted but secretly always dreamed of: SPAM Figgy Pudding. And, we got to try it.


SPAM is SLAYING this holiday season 🐷🤤🎄 #spam #cannedmeat #spamfiggypudding

♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

In a recent survey conducted by SPAM through 2,000 adults, it was found that 69% of people knew what figgy pudding was, but only 17% had tried it before. Personally, I’d heard the word before around the holiday season but never entirely knew what was inside. I’d never had it before, but if you told me to picture what figgy pudding looked like, I could. But here’s the thing: I had no idea it contained meat.

For those of you unfamiliar, figgy pudding isn’t like any sweet treat you’ve purchased from Magnolia Bakery. Instead, it’s a sweet/savory congealed monster of a meal that’s derivative of the United Kingdom typically containing flour, figs, dried fruits and suet (a raw, fatty beef from beef, lamb or mutton typically found around the loins and kidneys.) And, of course, it’s traditional to eat during Christmas.

Courtesy of SPAM

Sounds… pleasant. Right? Right. I knew I had to try it for myself on SPAM’s Figgy Pudding release day to know for sure. After slicing into slabs the same way I’ve seen famous food vlogging TikTokers prepare SPAM, I threw the meaty chunks onto a frying pan and let a crisp form on either side. I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t know how to pair figgy pudding, so I kind of just raw dogged it on a little white plate for my taste test.

For those of you that have gone figgy-pudding-free until this day like myself, note that your tastebuds will be in for quite the wild ride. Texture-wise, it’s very gelatinous, which is actually something I find really fun with food although I know it can make a lot of folks queasy. Flavor-wise, it’s completely balanced between sweet and savory, hitting both sides effortlessly. So much so that I’m fully unable to pinpoint which takes over more. It’s very spicy in a Christmas-centric style, almost in a way that I’m eating Christmas morning. The brown sugary, cinnamony kind of taste is very much there, but the meaty flavor refuses to go unnoticed. Yet, it all for some reason works.

Ultimately, this is something you’ve gotta try for yourself and luckily you can. Prior to the holiday season, SPAM Figgy Pudding is available on Amazon, Walmart and on SPAM’s website. Snag yours now for the most festive side dish, the funkiest gift for foodies or one of the most surprising stocking stuffers you’ll see all season.

Courtesy of SPAM