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Finally! A Reusable Straw That’s Easy to Clean, Carry, and Collapsible

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Americans use half a billion disposable straws every single day. That’s enough to fill 125 school buses. Not impressed? That’s also enough to wrap around the Earth 2.5 times. Every. Single. Day. And despite being made of plastic, they are not recyclable. The effects on our environment and aquatic wildlife are staggering.

Reusable straws, thankfully, are growing in popularity and use. But they’re not exactly fun or easy to tote around on the go or for travel.

Enter the FinalStraw, which may quite literally be the final straw you ever use. It’s the original reusable and collapsible straw which folds up fast and easy into a portable keychain case. It goes wherever you go, effortlessly!

Traditional reusable straws are rigid, not easy to bring with you unless you’re carrying a bag (right, guys?), and if you’re flying, they tend to stand out in x-rays of your carry-on. The FinalStraw’s keychain case weighs a mere 2.4 ounces, fits in your pocket, and is TSA-friendly, so once you’re through security and wanting a beverage, just unfold and sip!

Paper straws? Sure, they’re far more eco-friendly than the insidious plastic versions. But they’re only single-use and, let’s face it, sucking on a soggy straw, well, sucks. A lot. One FinalStraw will outlast literally thousands of paper straws: it comes with a limited lifetime warranty!

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The FinalStraw got its start on Kickstarter, with a goal of raising $12,500. The benefits and ease of use were incredibly obvious, and word got around—including an appearance on the Season 10 premiere of Shark Tank. The sharks did not bite, but the FinalStraw ended up raising an incredible $1.8 million on Kickstarter. Better yet, since its launch the FinalStraw has prevented approximately 70 million single-use straws from entering the environment.

Once unfolded from its Sexy Case (yes, that’s its name), the FinalStraw is 23cm long and 9cm wide, similar in size to a standard straw. It’s constructed with food-grade silicone and food-grade, rust-proof, 18/8 304 stainless steel. FinalStraw is compatible with most glasses, Mason jars, YETI Straw Lids, and other reusable tumblers.

FinalStraw comes in two finishes — silver or rainbow. The rainbow finish is achieved with a food-grade PVD coating which is also extremely durable against high temperatures and resistant to scratching. The Sexy Cases come in five different colors, and each case also holds a telescoping cleaning brush so you can keep your FinalStraw clean and ready for your next drink anytime.

The case is as eco-friendly as the straw itself, constructed with BPA-free, Phthalate-free, Prop 65- and CPSIA-compliant, post-consumer recycled HDPE plastic. And if you need a replacement brush or carabiner for your case, you can buy them direct from FinalStraw.

Cleaning your FinalStraw is important — nobody wants straw funk! — but it’s also easy.

It has never been easier to ditch single-use plastic straws once and for all. The FinalStraw eliminates all of your excuses and gives you a lifetime of eco-friendly drinking. It’s time to suck responsibly!


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