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Skip the Butcher and Check Out These Mouthwatering Steak Subscription Services

No matter the season, there’s nothing like a juicy steak to make the ultimate satisfying dinner. Whether you slice it up in a salad or eat it with a side of potatoes and veggies, it’s one of the most versatile main courses that’s also paleo-friendly. While there are many meat subscription boxes out there, if you don’t love pork, chicken or plant-based meats, they might not meet your needs. Whether you’re a flexitarian or a hardcore carnivore, online steak subscriptions let you stay cozy inside while enjoying your favorite meats, curated just for you.

Steaks aren’t the cheapest form of meat, but they do make a memorable gift for a holiday or birthday. Whether you’re gifting it to a loved one or buying one for your own, the great part about steak subscriptions is that they offer more flexibility than your local butcher shop. The benefits of subscribing include free shipping, additional discounts off the total of your order, and even some freebies in each shipment. 

Many of these deliveries are also customizable, allowing buyers to choose from steak type, cut and quantity, which is more convenient whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else. In terms of how to cook steak gift subscription boxes, that all depends on whether the eater likes their steak well-done or rare. Some of these services also included instructions on cooking or prepping your steak if you’re not used to making your own at home. You can also get the perfect sear every time by using a Bluetooth meat thermometer.

From more exotic cuts you’d find in a fancy restaurant to affordable services that cost as much as your average takeout meal, there’s an option for anyone in our roundup of the best steak subscriptions for meat lovers.


With over 100 years of expertise, it’s no wonder that Omaha Steaks is one of the most popular destinations for steak subscriptions with contactless delivery. Their monthly steak box includes a single shipment every month and can contain up to eight steaks. It’s a value-friendly way to experience a variety of steaks. The second step up is their bi-monthly steak box, which is great for occasional carnivores and smaller families. They also offer a quarterly box for “special occasion” steak eaters, and you can find more custom box options here.

runner up

Crowd Cow offers lots of flexibility and customization with their restaurant-quality steak subscriptions, offering free shipping over $149.00 and a 5% discount for subscribers. They even get a free protein in every box. While you can build your own custom box, their “Best of Beef” box includes a range of succulent goodies like tenderloin steaks, ribeyes, wagyu and burger patties. Boxes can be modified, rescheduled or canceled at any time. Customer service is easily reachable in case you do run into any problems. 


Why take precious time out of your day to go to the butcher shop when you have so many more options at Butcher Box? With premium meats that are humanely raised, buyers can choose from a range of grass-fed, hormone beef as well as chicken, pork and seafood for all of their grocery needs. Choose between their curated plan or a customized plan which allows you to choose specific cuts from any type of meat, including seafood. Ideal for carnivores who live with pescatarians.

best splurge

Stock Yards offers two kinds of steak subscriptions, but their Stock Yards Steakhouse Club should be on your bucket list, even if you don’t plan on subscribing regularly. With three, six and 12-month subscriptions, they let you choose which month you want to start and are transparent about which offerings are sent out each month, allowing you to pick your favorites. A fantastic choice for feeding larger families,  you can always downgrade to their Stock Yards Club for a smaller and cheaper subscription.

best for specific cuts

Sunday Farms has a lot of great deals for first-time buyers, and unlike some boxes which contain a mix of meats, you can choose exactly what you want with their ethically sourced ingredients that are shipped frozen. This is ideal for anyone craving a particular cut and also brings the price point down significantly. Grass-fed and pasture-raised filet mignon ship monthly starting at just $26.99, while their steak of the week surprises buyers and starts at just $20.69. The best way for newbies to experiment with steak subscriptions without spending triple digits

Honorable mention

With a $125 minimum subscription, you can get the freshest steaks delivered to your doorstep for free from Porter Road. With a focus on family-operated farms that offer pasture-raised steaks, Porter Road is a more accessible alternative to your local butcher shop that still lets you support farmers and small businesses. Porter Road’s curated options are also a little more affordable than other steak subscriptions. However, not everything is organic or grass-fed, so keep an eye out if that’s important to you. 

best organic pick

Eating organic is a major priority for many, and Greensbury sells the cleanest beef you can buy. It’s also certified pasture-raised, hormone-free and grass-fed. Whether it’s a premium filet mignon or the perfect NY strip, Greensbury’s got it stocked. While you can get monthly steak delivery to your door with the Beef Lovers pack, if you don’t want the included ground beef you can order steaks a la carte. Plus, right now, you can get a free organic beef fajita with the order code 4YOU.

most giftable

The number of options from Kansas City Steaks is unmatched. Scroll through their premium options, which include their holiday gift boxed filet mignon, pre-packaged for your gift recipient’s pleasure. From boneless rib eyes to their signature Kansas City Strip Steaks, this site has over 80 gift box options. While you’re at it, you might as well stock up for yourself. Their Steak Lover’s Duo Meal makes the perfect date night kit. Along with filet mignon and sirloin, this kit comes with baked cheddar potatoes, creamed corn, and chocolate truffle lava cakes. 

best wagyu

Wagyu beef is coveted due to its buttery texture and impeccable flavor, and this delivery service is fully dedicated to it. With options like Japanese A5, Shirogane Umami and, of course, their monthly subscription, which contains a range of beautifully marbled cuts, including Japanese, Australian and Shirogane Umami Wagyu. With the cheapest Wagyu option clocking it at $239.00, it’s not the cheapest monthly steak subscription, but for those who want the best of the best, it can seriously upgrade your dinners. 

best variety

With a Goldbelly subscription, you can choose from the best steaks all over the country. Best of all, Goldbelly sells full meal kits with some of their steaks, so you don’t have to worry about the rest of your dinner ingredients. Whether you want the ultimate BBQ craving met or want to try a steak from a famous smokehouse in the south, the variety on Goldbelly is unrivaled. Take a culinary road trip across America, but be aware that there are no menu modifications allowed like with these other monthly steak delivery services.