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Meet Sweet Nothings: The Spoonable Smoothies That Will Have You Saying “Mmm”

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Smoothies are delicious whether you’re a health geek or a casual sipper. Maybe they’ve become a daily ritual of sorts. An after-workout slug-down that will keep you full until dinner time. Or, maybe you’re the before-bed type — the kind of guy who needs to fix his sweet tooth before calling it a night. No matter how you’re sipping, we can all agree that smoothies hit the spot.

But, there are two things regarding smoothies we absolutely can’t stand: the prep and the clean-up.

As “on-the-go” as smoothies seem, you can rarely have one on the go. To begin with, smoothies take some time to make. Sure, it’s as easy as throwing fruits, veggies and seeds into a blender, but without the right amount of water or milk, even the best blenders will have an issue mashing up your contents, costing you more time before you head out of the house. Additionally, clean-up takes a second, too. You can’t just leave your empty blender cup and blade sitting in the sink. Puréed food will end up sticking to your blender, making it much more difficult to clean later on.

If only there were a solution to all of the smoothie-related issues you’re desperately trying to ditch.

Well, lucky for you, there is. Introducing, Sweet Nothings: the spoonable smoothie that makes eating delicious and healthy smoothies the most effortless task in the world.

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Courtesy of Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings makes smoothies on the go way too easy. There’s no prep, no mess and absolutely no clean-up. All you have to do is head into your freezer, grab your favorite Sweet Nothings flavor and go. Sweet Nothings smoothies are typically ready to eat when out of the freezer for five minutes, so you’ll be snacking in no time.

Plus, all of Sweet Nothings’ spoonable smoothies come with a tiny plastic spoon included, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own. Simply open, eat and dispose when you’re finished. It’s that simple.

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Courtesy of Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings has a number of delicious flavors to choose from including peanut butter, chocolate, Rise coffee, strawberry, blueberry beet and tropical greens. Sweet Nothings was kind enough to send a variety pack my way to try and I can attest to how delicious each flavor is. Because each flavor has zero added sugar or artificial flavors, every cup had a fresh taste that wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet and hit the nail on the spot.

My personal favorite was tropical greens, which totally shocked me. With variety packs of just about anything (hard seltzers, granola bars, etc), I tend to try the flavor I think I’ll like least first to get it out of the way. That’s what I did with tropical greens and it quickly became my absolute favorite. It contains spinach, bananas, spirulina, pineapples, cashews, dates, chia and flax, which Sweet Nothings ensures are all organic. The texture was incredibly similar to ice cream and the flavor made my knees tremble a bit. A true 11 out of 10.

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Courtesy of Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings works in a slew of diets including gluten-free, sugar-free, plant-based, organic and kosher lifestyles. Each cup is around 100-calories total, too, making this an excellent option for an easy breakfast or a healthy midnight snack.

I suggest you start with the variety pack to see which your favorite flavor is. Thankfully, pricing is pretty great, too. Twelve cups go for just $49.99, which adds up to around $4 a smoothie. You’re paying more at Starbucks every day for a cup of joe, so you can say these smoothies are worth it.

Check them out below and get ready for your newest go-to breakfast and ditch your straw for a spoon.