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Taco Bell Calls on Pete Davidson To Help With Their Breakfast Menu Apology Tour

Is there anything Pete Davidson isn’t good for?

Most recently, the world’s most interesting celebrity has been saving the rom-com genre and is officially back on the dating market. Now, he’s teaming up with every stoner’s favorite fast-food restaurant to lend his reputational superpowers to the world’s saddest breakfast menu.

This week, Taco Bell is accepting responsibility for wrongfully experimenting with its breakfast menu. You might recall when they added items such as “Naked Egg Taco” and “Waffle Taco” to their morning meal options. Taco Bell says it will discontinue those offerings, having learned that consumers want the basics in their morning meal (how has Taco Bell not mastered the breakfast burrito after all this time?). The brand is also apologizing for cooking up these lackluster breakfast innovations. In doing so, the Mexican fast-food chain is recruiting Pete Davidson to convey a “We’re sorry” message in a new ad campaign.

During their apology tour, Taco Bell will run two 30-second commercials with the Saturday Night Live alum this month through December. In one clip titled, “The Apology”, Davidson enters a Taco Bell and says, “Sometimes, we go too far. I have, and that’s why Taco Bell has hired me to make an apology for them.” The other ad, “The Bell Breakfast”, features the comedian dreaming about their breakfast selection before waking up inside the franchise.

The restaurant looks to tone things down by refocusing on more conventional menu items.

“We honestly over-innovated in breakfast,” admitted Sean Tresvant, TB’s Global Chief Brand Officer, in an exclusive CNN interview. “When you look at today’s consumer and the [fast food] breakfast business, it’s about familiarity and it’s about comfort.”

As of now, the breakfast menu consists of breakfast burritos, quesadillas and crunchwraps, all stuffed with eggs, cheese and meats. In efforts to promote their breakfast, Trevant calls working with the tattooed funny man a “great partnership” as Davidson will better attract Taco Bell’s younger audience.

Recently, SPY recognized Davidson for making waves for his role in the Peacock original rom-com Meet Cute, Meet Cute, opposite of Flight Attendant co-star Kaley Cuoco. The film is only available to stream via Peacock Premium and Peacock Plus plans.


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