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The 7 Best Boozy Gifts To Give This Valentine’s Day

You’re likely very familiar with the usual Valentine’s Day giftschocolates, flowers, and cheesy Hallmark cards. These are all fine, but let’s be honest, sometimes they are a little uninspired. If, however, you and your special someone enjoy drinking a cocktail, some wine, or a bit of whiskey, there’s a whole world of boozy Valentine’s Day gifts to consider instead. We’re talking pink gin, chocolate whiskey, bourbon and candy pairings, even some pricy tequila that comes in a fetching heart-shaped bottle.

This Valentine’s Day, consider one of these boozy gift ideas for your partner — and the best part is there’s enough in each bottle for you both to enjoy together.


1. Glendalough Rose Gin


It may seem silly, but a pink gift on Valentine’s day does kind of fit the occasion, what with all the roses and heart-themed things floating around. In general, pink gin can be kind of sweet and unappealing, but this Irish gin from Glendalough is an example of how it can be done right. This gin was made to honor the head distiller’s late mother, aptly named Rose, and roses from her garden as well as wild ones are vapor infused into the gin. This gives it a floral flavor that is not overpowering and can be used to create some pretty-in-pink, not to mention tasty, cocktails.

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Courtesy of Glendalough


2. Mumm Napa Brut Rose


Champagne is, of course, a classic Valentine’s Day gift idea. But there are some excellent, and much more affordable, sparkling wine options, like this lovely brut rose from California’s Mumm Napa. This is a relatively dry wine, made mostly from Pinot Noir grapes with a little bit of Chardonnay as well (and yes, this is another pink option). The flavor of this sparkling wine soars well beyond its price point, so maybe buy two bottles — one for each of you.

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Courtesy of Mumm Napa

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3. Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon


If you insist on roses as a Valentine’s Day gift, why not have some fun with the idea and make it Four Roses bourbon instead? This Kentucky distillery makes some of the best bourbon you can find, and its core lineup won’t break the bank. Try the Small Batch expression, which is aged for six to eight years and made from just four of the distillery’s ten recipes. This is a wonderful bourbon for sipping neat or mixing, and your loved one will surely appreciate the gesture.

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Courtesy of Four Roses


4. Taylor Fladgate Vintage Port


Instead of red wine, which is by no means a bad choice, maybe choose a fine port as your Valentine’s Day gift this year. Taylor Fladgate is an esteemed producer, with an array of vintages that were produced in years specially selected for their superior qualities. Generally speaking, the older the port, the more expensive it will be. If you’d like to drop a little cash on your V Day gift, check out the 1994 vintage, which has tasting notes that include black currant and violet. Or go for something more recent, like the 2018, which will be less expensive.

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Courtesy of Taylor Fladgate


5. Woodford Reserve + Sugarfina Gift Set


If including something sweet is non-negotiable for your Valentine’s Day gift, check out this collaboration between Woodford Reserve and Sugarfina, available on Reservebar. This gift set has both booze and sugar bases covered — it includes a bottle of Woodford Reserve bourbon engraved with “Happy Valentine’s Day 2022” on the front and a two-piece candy bento box with Champagne Bears and Sugar Lips candy. Try pairing the candy with the whiskey to see how the flavors match up.

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Courtesy of Reservebar


6. Kings County Chocolate Whiskey


Flavored whiskey … isn’t always good. In fact, it’s usually not very good. But there’s always an exception to the rule — enter Brooklyn’s Kings County Distillery and its Chocolate Whiskey expression. The distillery was the first to operate in the borough since Prohibition when it opened its doors back in 2010 and has been making excellent whiskey since then. For this expression, un-aged whiskey is infused with cacao bean husks that have been ground up, giving it a rich dark chocolate flavor. So if you’re looking for some chocolate for your V Day gift, this bottle has you covered.

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Courtesy of Kings County Distillery


7. Grand Love Silver Blue Heart


It would be a shame not to have at least one boozy gift in a heart-shaped bottle, so we’ve included this tequila from Grand Love. This is a cristalino, meaning that it’s an anejo tequila that has been filtered to remove the color (but presumably still keep the flavors picked up from barrel aging). But there’s certainly a lot of color present in this bottle, which is shaped like a blue heart gilded with silver. This tequila is kind of a novelty but would make a fun, quirky boozy Valentine’s Day gift all the same.

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Courtesy of Tequila Matchmaker


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