The Modern Gentleman: Upgrade From Average Dude to Actual Gentleman With This Great Book

The Modern Gentleman: The Handy Manual
Courtesy of John McCarthy/Stephen Davis

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So you think you’re a gentleman? You hold doors open for women, say “thank you” when someone hands you a drink and “excuse me” after you belch. Granted, these are the pleasantries good manners are made of. But this does not a gentleman make.

Fortunately for the aspiring modern gent, we found this great book that fills in the blanks on your gentleman card. From spirits and wine and tools for your home bar to the more epicurean things like steak, oysters and what makes a proper charcuterie, think of this as a textbook for a life lived well.

The Modern Gentleman: A Guide to the Best Drinks, Food, and Accessories is your ticket from schmo to bon vivant. There are hundreds of simple recipes, tips and great bits of easily actionable advice in this compact book. Want to know how to properly light a cigar, or when and why you should be carrying a flask? It’s in here. Want to know the difference between manchego and gruyere? That’s in here too.

the modern gentleman book Courtesy of John McCarthy/Stephen Davis

The real score is the drink recipes and intel. Do you know what vermouth is? Do you know which one is used in a Manhattan (Italian sweet vermouth) and which one is used in a martini (dry French vermouth)? Do you know what in heck bitters are? There was a time when most men did. Now, most of us need some expert help.

The author, John McCarthy, was the spirits and cocktails pundit at Men’s Health, and he has been traveling the world writing about fine wines and spirits for digital outlets like Gear Patrol and the Roads & Kingdoms blog, and magazines like Forbes, Maxim, and Bourbon+. There’s serious and well-tested expertise in these pages.

Each subject includes short essays and information (from the history of beer to expert instructions on cooking steak), with classic illustrations by Stephen Davis accompanying each, all in a bound package that’s small enough to be portable and handsome enough for your coffee table. This is a comprehensive culture upgrade every man can benefit from. On Kindle or on your coffee table, think of it as a starter guide for the modern man.