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Up Your Home Brunch Game With One of These Top-Rated Waffle Makers

Mmmmm, waffles. Need we say more? If so, would it suffice to say waffles are great? Whether you prefer them with syrup, ice cream, strawberries or even prepared as a savory option with ham and eggs, this versatile food is delicious in any form. What many waffle fans don’t realize is that this tasty food has lots of history and traces its origin all the way back to ancient Greece, which definitely makes eating waffles an international affair.

If you love waffles, there’s no excuse if you don’t have your own waffle maker. There are hundreds of different recipes to try, and it’s always interesting to come up with your signature waffle dish.

We’ve put together a list of the best waffle makers available right now. From models fit for family-sized production to a waffle maker that produces Captain America waffles (yes, really), there’s a maker for every preference. Check out these options and find the right waffle maker for your waffling needs.


1. Presto Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker


With over 5,000 positive reviews on Amazon, the

has brought happiness to plenty of waffle lovers. It sports a unique, 180-degree flip design, which ensures your waffle batter is evenly spread and keeps the outside crispy and the inside fluffy. It also features a countdown timer and has a digital display to show you when your waffles are ready. In addition, the brushed stainless steel exterior gives the maker a classy appearance, so it looks great in any kitchen. Plus, the ceramic and non-stick interior means cleaning your maker is quick and simple.

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2. Dash Mini Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker


What’s the best way to start every day? How about with heart-shaped waffles for you and your partner? This mini waffle maker would also make a great Valentine’s Day gift. Show how much you care, and this simple gesture is sure to get your day off to a good start. In addition to waffles,

can also create paninis, hash browns and more. The lightweight and small design means it takes up minimal counter space and is a great option for camping and use on the road, too.

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3. Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker


This simple waffle maker from Cuisinart makes one round Belgian waffle at a time, and it’s a practical option for cooking for one or two people. The rotary design makes it easy to ensure you have round, evenly cooked waffles. It has easy to clean non-stick cooking plates, and the deep slots make fluffy, thick 1-inch waffles. A whisk is also included as a bonus.

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Image Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

4. Breville Smart 4-Slice Waffle Maker


If your home is full of the most advanced kitchen gadgets out there, there’s no reason your waffle maker shouldn’t be technologically-advanced either. This

sports a beautiful, stainless steel design and produces crispy, golden waffles with its impressively even heat distribution. On closing the lid, the maker can automatically start the timer, and the LCD lets you know when your waffles are finished. The waffle maker can also produce a number of waffle options, including Belgian and classic styles.

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5. Cuisinart Classic Round Maker


Easy to use, durable and affordable. That’s what an appliance like a waffle maker should be, and that’s what this maker from Cuisinart is. It’s a compact option, so you won’t have to sacrifice too much counter or cabinet space to accommodate it. The red light switches on when the maker is heated, while the green light flicks on when the waffles are ready to eat. There are five browning settings, and you make adjustments using the simple slider knob. It makes one round waffle with four triangular slices.

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Image Courtesy of Sur La Table

6. All-Clad Square Waffle Maker


All-Clad makes cookware that the pros use, so it’s no surprise that they bring expert-level precision to the humble waffle maker. Smart features include steam release valves that help produce crispier, fluffier waffles, a ready indicator light and seven browning settings that are adjustable using the dial. It has a non-stick coating to quickly and easily remove the waffles once they’re cooked, and the maker prepares two square Belgian waffles at a time. Each waffle is 1-inch thick.

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Image Courtesy of Sur La Table

7. Nordic Ware Square Mini Waffle Griddle


If you’d rather do things the old school way, this waffle griddle from Nordic Ware is made to be used on a stovetop. It has a covered handle that’s comfortable to hold, and the non-stick cooking surface makes it easier to remove the waffles from the griddle. The griddle makes four mini waffles.  The non-stick material is PFOA-free.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

8. Disney Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker


If you need to deliver a breakfast for kids, there’s no better choice on our list than this

. Who wouldn’t be transfixed by consuming their favorite cartoon character? Plus, the waffle maker’s exterior features a cartoon of everyone’s favorite mouse, too. And, if Mickey doesn’t cut the mustard, you could also choose the Minnie Mouse version. The makers themselves feature rubber feet to keep them from skidding, while the 800 watts of power deliver a delicious waffle for the whole family to enjoy.

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9. Hamilton Beach Belgian Style Waffle Maker


This slim waffle maker from Hamilton Beach won’t take up too much space in your cabinet, but it’s spacious enough to feed the whole family. It prepares four square waffles at a time. There are two simple indicator lights, one letting you know when the machine is heated and the other indicates when the waffles are ready.

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Image Courtesy of Target

10. StarBlue Bubble Waffle Maker Pan


This waffle maker from StarBlue makes bubble waffles, also referred to as Hong Kong or egg waffles. Their unique shape makes them fluffy, crispy and snackable. If you don’t want another device that you have to plug into the wall, this maker allows you to prepare waffles right on your stovetop.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

11. Marvel Captain America Waffle Maker


This is

. Well, it’s actually Captain America’s, but he stands for everything America! Each six-inch waffle produced looks just like Cap’s famous shield, and, depending on your throwing capabilities, could be delivered to plates in the same way Captain America delivers crushing blows. The waffle maker has both power and waffle-ready light indicators and also features non-stick plates for easy waffle removal. For the Marvel fans out there, this makes a great gift.

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12. Bella – Pro Series 4-Slice Rotating Waffle Maker


If you’ve got a lot of mouths to feed, this waffle maker from Bella makes four square waffles at once. Or, if you’re hungry, you can enjoy all four slices as one large waffle. It features a rotating design that helps ensure a more evenly cooked waffle that’s a uniform size. An indicator light lets you know when the waffle is ready, and you can adjust the heat using the dial if you prefer a crispier waffle.

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13. Cuisinart GR-WAFP Griddler Waffle Plates, Black


Maybe you already have a waffle maker, but just don’t realize it yet. These Cuisinart waffle plates help you turn your Cuisinart griddle into a waffle maker. It works with multiple different Cuisinart models, and it allows you to quickly prepare four waffles at a time.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

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