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Trust Us: You’re Going To Want To Order Total Wine’s Advent Calendars Before They Sell Out

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

We know what you’re thinking, “Christmas, already?” Yeah, Christmas already. Now that fall has arrived, the world is getting ready for the holiday season. That means we at SPY have been hard at work updating our guides to include the best Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers and adult Advent calendars. And what better way to do so than with a little beverage?

We love two things when it comes to the holiday season: an adult beverage and an advent calendar to help spread holiday cheer. So, why not combine both? That’s exactly what Total Wine had in mind with three sip-centric Advent calendars they’re offering for sale ahead of Christmas. What better way to anticipate the arrival of the big man in red than with your favorite drink in hand?

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For Christmas 2022, Total Wine is offering three different advent calendars you need to know about:

The alcohol Advent calendar is a relatively new tradition, but it’s gained popularity at lightning speed. So much so that the most popular wine and spirit-themed Advent calendars often sell out in a matter of days.

This year, we highly recommend planning ahead and ordering your Total Wine Advent Calendars before they’re gone for good.

Not only do Total Wine’s advent calendars make for some excellent pre-holiday gifts, but they’re also fun options to purchase for yourself prior to the big celebration. Depending on you or your giftee’s preferences, these three advent calendars can to cater to a variety of drinkers across the spectrum.

Here is a little more information on each option to help you choose the one best for you.


Brewers Collective 24 Beers Of Cheer

Beer lovers, unite!

As mentioned, this advent calendar is packed to the brim with 24 unique 12oz cans of beer. There are 13 different styles of beer in total and each is distributed by 7 different craft breweries in the United States, including Elysian, Goose Island, Kona, Golden Road, 10 Barrel, Redhook and Widmer Brothers.

This is the kind of advent calendar that has a little something for everyone. That said, this makes for a great option to keep in a home where a number of beer lovers can share and take turns picking a number to pull from for one tasty beer a night.

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12 Days Of Spirits Advent Calendar

Do we have any vodka fans in the house?

The 12 Days Of Spirits Advent Calendar offers 12 different vodka shooters in 50ml bottles featuring different flavors. Essentially, it’s made for the kind of person that loves vodka straight or making mixed drinks each day leading up to Christmas. Options emerge from Veil, Ellington, King’s Creek, Largo Bay, Mr Stacks and Skatterbrain for a true taste of them all.

Flavors? We thought you’d never ask. Find a range of different holiday-esque vodkas with spicy, candy-like and minty treats any Christmas-time vodka-drinker will surely enjoy sipping down.

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Courtesy of Total Wine


Most Wonderful Wine Advent Calendar 2022

Finally, wine drinkers, rejoice!

The Most Wonderful Wine Advent Calendar 2022 is quite genuinely the most wonderful wine advent calendar, period. This advent calendar contains 24 bottles for the perfect glass of wine each night before Christmas. Like the Brewers Collective 24 Beers Of Cheer, we believe this is a great option for a house full of wine lovers due to the fact that it contains a number of whites, reds and rosés — and we understand some wine drinkers don’t drink them all.

Expect medium-bodied pours with each bottle and a delicious taste each night before Santa comes.

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Courtesy of Total Wine


Celebrate the Holidays With Total Wine Advent Calendars

With all this talk of wine, beer and spirits just in time for the holiday season, we totally get it if your mouth is watering right now at the thought. Who doesn’t love decking the halls with Christmas music and a cocktail? This year, Total Wine is making it easier than ever to festively get some sips going as the holidays quickly approach.

Got your eyes on one of the above? We know that we do. Don’t waste any more time and pick up your Advent calendar from Total Wine below.

Remember, Total Wine has locations all over the country, so whether you’re celebrating Oktoberfest, Halloween or the start of the Christmas season, Total Wine has everything you need to spread some holiday cheer.