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Discover the Gourmet Hot Sauce Tasty Enough to Make Oprah’s Holiday List

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday both in the rearview mirror, are you feeling the heat of still needing an amazing gift for a special someone? How about handing out something that’s literally hot?

TRUFF Hot Sauce White Truffle Limited Release is absolutely on fire this holiday season. This isn’t some tongue-searing red sludge you carelessly drown your fried chicken wings in. It’s gourmet in every sense of the word. It’s a hot sauce so incredible that it’s one of Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2019.

What kind of hot sauce earns that most coveted endorsement? A hot sauce with an incredible flavor profile and high-end ingredients, needless to say. White TRUFF announces its rare and special status before you even see the bottle. It arrives in a special-edition VIP gift box designed to embody the essence of the holidays. Open the box and the bottle itself is topped by a geometric cap, paying homage to the brand’s truffle roots.

TRUFF took inspiration from its flagship black truffle hot sauce and incorporated the rare, seasonal availability of white truffle and white truffle oil, with a sprinkling of organic coriander. Like the black truffle hot sauce, the special edition flavor contains the same ripe chili peppers and organic agave nectar from Jalisco, Mexico. Combined with the white truffle, the flavors in this limited-release edition are absolutely exquisite.

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TRUFF describes itself as “the pinnacle of heat experience,” and their sauces back it up. Their ingredients are carefully curated and meticulously combined to create a flavor profile normally reserved for fine tequilas. The White Truffle Limited Release is vegan, gluten-free, and delivers between 2500 and 3000 Scoville heat units, placing it in the low to medium heat range.

Again, this is not your typical hot sauce with a cartoon figure blasting fire out of its mouth emblazoned on the bottle, and it’s not designed to melt your molars. It’s the first hot sauce that can truly be described as a luxury good. But that is not to say that TRUFF Hot Sauce White Truffle Limited Release is bland or boring. It is anything but. It’s a perfect addition to pretty much any food that you want to give a flavor boost to. TRUFF’s kitchen provides videos and recipes for everything from breakfast sandwiches to popcorn, all getting a serious taste upgrade from these remarkable sauces.

While you’re thinking of the gourmand in your life who would love to receive this very special hot sauce as a gift, don’t forget to think of your own pantry. Grab one for yourself as well and experience this one of a kind, Oprah-approved taste.