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Umamicart: The Best Way to Get Thoughtfully-Curated Asian Groceries Shipped Direct to Your Door

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Man, we love 2021. You can get just about anything delivered in terms of food. From your weekly groceries using fruit and vegetable subscription services to butcher favorites from the best meat subscription boxes, you no longer even have to leave your house in order to make a 5-star meal. Hell, there is even a slew of alcohol delivery services so you can make killer cocktails or crack open a brew whenever you want.

The only thing we’re lacking in terms of grocery delivery services? Options catered and geared toward making various ethnic dishes from around the world. Luckily, we’ve finally got one of the first in the game — and it’s called Umamicart.

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Courtesy of Umamicart

Umamicart is a brand-new online grocer that specializes in Asian cuisine. It doesn’t stop at just Asian American staples either, Umamicart ensures that both traditional, harder-to-find options are available just as much as newer, more modern groceries are.

We’re not going to lie, we were kind of worried that the choices would be small. You know, only select noodle options, a few snacks maybe, but no — the selection is as extensive as it gets. Right now at Umamicart, you can find over 500 items across a wide variety of categories including veggies, fruits, meat, tofu, sushi-grade fish and seafood, rice, grains, noodles, snacks, drinks and pantry goods.

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Courtesy of Umamicart

Not only does Umamicart provide a solid and effortless way to snag Asian favorites, but they do it in a way that positively affects the Asian American and Asian immigrant population in the United States by sourcing from Asian-led mom-and-pop shops across the country for their groceries. And, as we’ve sadly seen over the course of the last year, there’s truly no better time to support Asian Americans and Asian immigrants in our country.

If you’re a home cook with a hankering for cooking Asian cuisine, there’s no question about whether or not you should try Umamicart out. It’s, like, a necessity.

Right now, you can get Asian and Asian American products shipped to your front door with 1-day shipping in some areas, too. Areas include some zip codes in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware currently, but Umamicart plans to expand their 1-day shipping to more East Coast states by the end of the Spring.

One thing’s for sure: it’s time to get cooking. With affordable prices just about any home chef can get behind, the Asian-influenced recipes are essentially endless.