Infusing Your Water May Encourage You to Drink More, So Here’s How to Do It

best water infuser bottles

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We have all heard time and again that we need to drink more water. But what if you just don’t like the taste of water, or find it well, a little boring to drink? The answer: get yourself a water infuser bottle.

A water infuser or fruit infuser bottle can help encourage you to drink more water by making it less boring and a little more palatable simply by adding your favorite, all-natural flavors. These bottles allow you to fill a basket-like contraption or rod with cut-up fruit, vegetables, herbs or any other flavor combination you can think of to infuse it with your water, making for a delicious, thirst-quenching experience.

Our suggestions: try cucumber or lemon water, like they serve at fancy hotels and spas, or add fresh berries and stone fruit for a naturally sweet, healthy and hydrating “treat.”

We have found a few of the best water bottles and pitcher-style infusers that are inexpensive, attractive and easy to travel with. These bottles work great for the office, gym, hiking, camping and even for kids at school, to ensure that everyone gets the healthy hydration needed every single day.

1. Live Infinitely 32 oz. Infuser Water Bottles

The Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottles are the first bottom-loading infuser water bottle, with a full-length infusion rod. This rod allows you to toss in as much fruit as you want and still have room left over to keep your water flavored all the time. Completely dishwasher-safe, these bottles also have an auto-align lid that will center every time, aligning itself so the clear flip top is away from your mouth while drinking. BPA-free plastic and leak-proof, these bottles will never accidentally come open in your purse or gym bag.

PROS: This infuser comes with a quick and easy online recipe eBook with 20 recipes to help you get started.

CONS: This water bottle does not come with a straw.

water infuser Image Courtesy of Amazon

2. Prodyne FI-3 Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher

The Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher allows you to infuse water, tea, spirits and just about any other liquid beverage with natural fruit flavors. The clear acrylic pitcher has a removable fruit infusion rod that screws onto the lid and the open slots in the rod allow the liquid and fruit to mix together naturally. Made from BPA-free acrylic, this pitcher holds up to 93 ounces of water and will help you become creative with your water-infused creations.

PROS: Once you fill the rod with your fruit of choice, the pitcher may be continually refilled without having to replace the fruit.

CONS: This pitcher is hand wash only.

water infuser Image Courtesy of Amazon

3. Bevgo Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Bevgo’s Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is a 32-ounce, lightweight water bottle that makes taking it on-the-go easy while ensuring you get enough water throughout your day. The Bevgo comes complete with a unique and exclusive flat-bottom infuser basket for easy filling, a flip-top release button and extra metal lack to ensure no leaking.

Additionally, the bottle has an integrated timeline allows you to keep track of your water consumption throughout the day and a detachable ice gel ball attachment that can be placed in the freezer and attached to the infuser basket to keep your drink cold all day long.

PROS: You can easily remove the infuser basket to make for a great stand-alone water bottle.

CONS: The infuser basket is on the smaller side so make sure you cut up your fruit into smaller bits.

water infuser Image Courtesy of Amazon