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Enjoy Your Favorite Drink At Home With A New Set Of Whiskey Glasses

If you are a lover of whiskey, then you know that a glass can make a big difference. Depending on the type of whiskey or your preferred glass style, there is a design that is perfect for every drinker. Regardless of the type of whiskey you’re drinking or the style of glass you like best, one thing that holds true for all whiskey drinkers is that their favorite alcohol should be consumed from a glass designed to hold whiskey.

We included three very distinct styles of whiskey glasses on our list. The Glencairn is one of the most famous snifter-style whiskey glasses in the world and is designed specifically for whiskey purists who want to taste every flavor in their drink. The Marquis is part of Waterford family, a drinkware company that has been around for decades and offers traditional whiskey fans a crystal glass that is timeless. We also include the Venero, which literally puts a modern twist on whiskey glasses and is perfect for younger drinkers who are just getting into whiskey appreciation.

These glasses are not only a great addition to the home bar of whiskey lovers, but they are also ideal to be given as gifts or keep on hand for entertaining. Whether you’re looking for a set of glasses to enhance your whiskey or want to step up your offering of drinkware to guests, you can’t go wrong with these three sets.

1. Marquis by Waterford Markham Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Made from lead-free crystalline and boasting a substantial 11-ounce capacity, the set of four Marquis by Waterford Markham Double Old Fashioned Glasses are perfect glasses for whiskey, bourbon, soft drinks and water. Durable and rust-resistant, the Marquis have a substantial weight and clarity that make them feel like a much more expensive set of glasses.

Pros: The Marquis are the more affordable version of the high-end Waterford line, which still boasts the high-quality craftsmanship of Waterford glasses.

Cons: The Marquis glasses are not dishwasher safe.

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2. Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses

For (literally) a modern twist on whiskey glasses, we love the Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses, which have a twist design to their 10-ounce lead-free crystal glasses. The glasses feature thick sides and a heavy base for a durable and substantial vessel that will feel impressive in your hand and retain the coolness of the drink.

Pros: The set of four glasses are packaged in a satin-lined box that gives an impressive statement and makes them elegant enough to give as a gift. We also love that the Venero come with a lifetime guarantee.

Cons: It may take some users a bit of time to get used to holding the curved glass.

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3. Glencairn Whiskey Glass

Winner of the Queen’s Award for Innovation, the Glencairn Whiskey Glass has earned the title as the official whiskey glass thanks to its transparent and lustrous crystal and short and stylish base stand.

Pros: The set of four glasses are made lead-free and the design of the glass has been created to enrich the taste of whiskey while capturing the bouquet of the drink.

Cons: The Glencairn are the smallest glasses on our list and ice molds often won’t fit inside.

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