Keep Your Drink Cool Without Watering It Down By Using Whiskey Stones

Best Whiskey Stones
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Picture this: you’ve got your new whiskey glasses, you have a new bottle to enjoy, but instead of happily sipping on your favorite whiskey you’re instead drinking a diluted, watered-down version. If you like your whiskey on the rocks but don’t enjoy having your drink watered down with ice cubes, we’ve got you covered. Whiskey stones are not only an easy and safe way to keep your favorite whiskey cool, they can also be used with just about any drink that you want to enjoy at a refreshing temperature.

Whiskey stones eliminate the dilution of drinks through ice cubes by replacing traditional ice cubes with stones made from granite or soapstone. Whiskey stones are placed in the freezer, usually for a period between two and four hours, then added to a drink just as you would with ice cubes. Voila, your whiskey (or other preferred drink) is now able to stay cool without getting ruined by ice.

Whiskey stones don’t absorb the heat from your drink and instead maintain a cool temperature the way ice cubes would, thus cooling down your drink without dilution. And before you judge an item by its name, whiskey stones not only work for whiskey, but other drinks as well. So really, how can you not use them?

Check out our three favorite whiskey stone sets, which also double as great gifts, below.


1. Lord’s Rocks Whiskey Stones Set

Made with pure natural granite that is durable and provides long lasting coolness to your drink, the Lord’s Rocks Whiskey Stones Gift Set is a premium bar accessory that any whiskey drinker will love. The set of nine rocks comes in a high-end pine box with a velvet storage pouch that can hold the rocks while they’re in the freezer. The rocks have smooth edges to ensure they won’t scratch your glass.

Pros: The Lord’s Rocks are FDA approved and BPA-free, making them an item you can feel safe about putting in your drinks.

Cons: The Lord’s Rocks are the most expensive whiskey stones on our list and come with half the amount of rocks as the Sipping Stones.

Lord's Rocks Whiskey Stones Gift Set Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Sipping Stones Whiskey Stones Set

Featuring 18 grey whiskey stones made from 100% soapstone, the Sipping Stones set is perfect for those who prefer smaller rocks in their whiskey glass or need enough stones for a large party. The Sipping Stones are non-porous and won’t take on the flavor of a drink, making them perfect for re-use.

Pros: The Sipping Stones come in a velvet bag that can hold the stones while they’re in the freezer and the stones have a rounded edge that won’t scrape glasses.

Cons: Because of the stones’ small size, some users may require multiple rocks to maintain the temperature they desire for their drink.

Sipping Stones Whiskey Stones Set Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Amerigo Luxury Whiskey Stones

A great gift set for a starter home bar, the Amerigo Luxury Whiskey Stones includes nine whiskey stones made from 100% soapstone, as well as two red coasters, a black velvet pouch for holding the stones in the freezer, stainless steel drink tongs, and a handcrafted wooden box. The FDA and BPA-free stones are rounded at the edges to ensure they won’t scratch glassware.

Pros: The Amerigo set also comes with an eBook explaining how to use and care for your whiskey stones.

Cons: Like most whiskey stones, the Amerigo’s won’t chill a drink, but help keep it at an already cold temperature.

Amerigo Luxury Whiskey Stones Image courtesy of Amazon