Whiskey Stones Keep Your Drink Cool Without Watering It Down

best whiskey stones

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Picture this: you’ve got your new whiskey glasses, you have a new bottle of whiskey to enjoy, but instead of happily sipping on your favorite tipple, you’re drinking a diluted, watered-down, tasteless version. If this sounds like a familiar problem, and you prefer your whiskey neat and flavor-filled, but also cool, it may be time to invest in the best whiskey stones.

What Are Whiskey Stones and Why Should You Use Them?

Whiskey stones are a simple and easy-to-use addition to your whiskey-drinking setup. They eliminate the inconvenient dilution of drinks, which occurs with ice cubes, by using non-melting, temperature-holding stones. Whiskey stones can be made from a number of different materials, each of which offers a different visual appeal while still providing the desired cooling action. Most commonly found materials include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Marble
  • Soapstone
  • Granite

Whiskey stones also come in a range of shapes. Most commonly cubes, in either small or large. Other popular shapes include spheres, bullets and a range of alternative geometrical shapes. The best whiskey stone shape for you is the one you find most visually appealing.

The process of using whiskey stones involves placing them in a freezer, usually for a period between two and four hours. After which, they can be added to your drink, just as you would with any normal ice cubes. Voila, your whiskey (or other preferred drink) is now able to stay cool without losing its flavor. Another major benefit of whiskey stones is the fact that they can be reused, time after time. So you’re never without a way to cool your drinks, as long as you remember to cool them before.

The best whiskey stones don’t absorb the heat from your drink and instead maintain a cool temperature the way ice cubes would, thus cooling down your drink without uncontrollably diluting it, maintaining your desired taste. And before you judge an item by its name alone, whiskey stones are actually rather versatile and don’t just work for whiskey, but other drinks as well. So really, how can you not use them?

Check out our selection of the best whiskey stones, which are also a great gift for dads or friends or family who love a classy drink.


1. Exclusive Whiskey Stones


The Exclusive Whiskey Stones is a comprehensive set that includes eight whiskey stones, two coasters, a freezer tray and a set of barman tongs. This means you’ve got everything you need to get your drink to just the right temperature for your preference. The included stones are compact in size and made from durable stainless steel. It’s also supplied in a classy, black box that features the quote “Treat yourself as you deserve” on the inside to serve as a reminder of how much you’ve earned your reward. Furthermore, the included tongs feature rubber ends for better grip when distributing the stones into your drink.

amerigo make it special Image courtesy of Amazon


2. AREAWARE Geometric Whiskey Stones


The AREAWARE Geometric Whiskey Stones offer something a little more unique in your choice of whiskey stones. Rather than the more traditional cube style, these stones come in four different shapes, including a sphere, a pyramid and a cylinder. They are also made from soapstone and marble, which gives them a classier look and feel. Furthermore, when they aren’t being used to cool a drink, they’re eye-catching enough to sit on a desk or tabletop for when they are called upon.

areaware geometric whiskey stones Image courtesy of Food52


3. Quiseen Beverage Chilling Stones


At under $10, the Quiseen Beverage Chilling Stones are the budget-friendly answer to chilling your whiskey without having to use ice. The set comes with nine individual whiskey stones, which are all made from natural soapstone. Their comparatively small size means they chill in less time than larger whiskey stone options. Additionally, the set includes a handy, velvet pouch and tongs which are ideal for storing, carrying and distributing the stones.

best whiskey stones quiseen Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Guay Bebida Stainless Steel Chilling Ice Cubes


Featuring four stainless steel whiskey stones, this is a truly unique gift for the avid whiskey drinker in your life. While the other items on our list feature stone options, this set features stainless steel which not only cools quickly but will stay cool for a long time. Furthermore, the stones have rounded edges so they won’t scratch your glass.

best whiskey stones guay bebida Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Amerigo Luxury Whiskey Stones


A great gift set for a starter home bar, the Amerigo Luxury Whiskey Stones includes nine whiskey stones made from 100% soapstone, as well as two red coasters, a black velvet pouch for holding the stones in the freezer, stainless steel drink tongs, and a handcrafted wooden box. The FDA and BPA-free stones are rounded at the edges to ensure they won’t scratch glassware.

best whiskey stones amerigo Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Lord’s Rocks Whiskey Stones Set


Made with pure natural granite which is durable and capable of providing long-lasting coolness, this Whiskey Stones Gift Set is a premium bar accessory any whiskey drinker will love. The set of nine rocks comes in a high-end pine box with a velvet storage pouch that can hold the rocks while they’re in the freezer. The rocks have smooth edges to ensure they won’t scratch your glass.

best whiskey stones angde Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Rabbit Whiskey Beverage Jumbo Chilling Stones Set


With their fancy storage case and stainless steel construction, the Rabbit Whiskey Beverage Jumbo Chilling Stones Set ooze class. The set contains two jumbo-sized whiskey stones, meaning they offer plenty of chilling power, so you can use one for your drink and share the extra one with your drinking buddy. Their large size also makes them easier to see and pick up than smaller stone options. In addition, the stainless steel construction results in stones that are odorless, dishwasher safe and built to last.

best whiskey stones rabbit whiskey Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Asobu Insulated Whiskey Glass and Sleeve


If you’re starting to think whiskey stones aren’t the answer for you, but still want a way to get your drink to your desired temperature, the Asobu Insulated Whiskey Glass and Sleeve could be the answer you’re looking for. The two-piece set includes a drinking glass and a sleeve. The sleeve is made from stainless steel and fits around the glass. To use it, simply chill the sleeve in the freezer before placing the glass inside. Additionally, for greater security when drinking, the glass is held securely in place by a rubber band that sits around the top of the glass.

asobu insulated whiskey glass Image courtesy of Amazon


9. EVOFLY Whiskey Bullet Stones


If standard whiskey stones are a little bit too boring for your tastes, perhaps these EVOFLY Whiskey Bullet Stones will appeal. Rather than the more commonly found cube style, each of the six stones in the set takes the shape of a bullet. For greater functionality, the bullets combine a stainless steel outer with a mix of water and cooling gel on the inside. This allows the stones to act faster and more efficiently than many competing options. In addition, the bullet stones come with a chamber-style case which is handy for storage and makes them a display-worthy addition to your home.

evofly bullets whiskey stones Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Ecentaur Whiskey Stones Metal Reusable Balls


If you love the look of a glass of whiskey with a giant ice ball in, but don’t want to have to deal with the dilution it causes, check out these Ecentaur Whiskey Stones Metal Reusable Balls. The set includes four large balls made from stainless steel, which, when placed inside a glass, effectively displace your whiskey to create a larger area in contact with the cooling metal. The 2.2-inch balls are also supplied in a box that is easily wrapped, making them a great gift idea for weddings, graduations and other social occasions.

ecentaur whiskey stones Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Surreal Entertainment Iron Man Collectible Whiskey Stones


These Surreal Entertainment Iron Man Collectible Whiskey Stones are a great option for whiskey drinkers who also love comic books. And while they are comparatively compact, each of the four stones in the set sports a fun, Iron Man-inspired design, including Iron Man’s mask, his name and his chest reactor. The stones are made from black granite for a more stylish look and also feature rounded edges to prevent them from scratching glasses.

best whiskey stones surreal entertainment marvel iron man Image courtesy of Target


12. Hawkins New York Marble Drink Rocks


There’s something about things made from marble which just sets them apart, in a good way. And these Hawkins New York Marble Drink Rocks are no exception to this rule. Each of the six white marble balls in the set measures one inch across, making them just the right size for use in almost any glass, whiskey-filled or not. Handily, the set also comes with a drawstring carry bag for storing the rocks when they’re not in use.

hawkins new york marble drink rocks Image courtesy of Food52


13. Royal Reserve Whiskey Stones Set


The Royal Reserve Whiskey Stones Set is a classy answer to drinking whiskey. In addition to whiskey stones, you’ll find two drinking glasses, a pair of tongs, two slate coasters, a stone storage bag and a beautiful presentation box. It makes a great self-gift or gift idea for any whiskey-loving friends or family. Furthermore, the set comes backed by five-star ratings from over 95% of Amazon users who already purchased it.

royal reserve whiskey stones Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Whiskoff Whiskey Stones Gift Set


The Whiskoff Whiskey Stones Gift Set is another well-reviewed whiskey stone set that will put you in good stead for making the most of your whiskey drinking time. Inside the classy wooden box, in which the set is supplied, you’ll find two slate coasters, a velvet drawstring carry bag, a pair of tongs, eight whiskey stones and a pair of eye-catching glasses. The glasses’ ribbed design gives you something out of the ordinary to look at, while also providing added grip as you sip on the good stuff.

whiskoff whiskey stones set Image courtesy of Amazon


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