Yes, Wine Advent Calendars Are a Thing, And You Absolutely Need One

wine advent calendar
Image courtesy of Vinebox
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Christmas is the best time of year, and it’s when whining is anything but welcome. Unless you’re talking about wine-ing and dining, and opening your wine advent calendar, then, it’s very welcome! 

Advent calendars filled with wine, need we say more? These boozy bottle-filled countdown calendars hit the market in recent years and became an instant sensation, mostly thanks to Aldi and their epic calendar.. 

So why do we go bonkers for tiny bottles of wine packaged in a cardboard box with tiny doors for each day of the advent season? It might have something to do with our urge to drink more in winter, or it might just be an amazing way to get into the holiday spirit. I mean, the idea of a wine advent calendar perfectly marries the childhood excitement of a different chocolate every day with our adult desire to discover and drink wines from around the world. 

Who knows, a wine advent calendar could be the introduction into a sommelier future that you didn’t realize was coming your way, until now. When smelling, swirling, (spilling), and tasting your twenty-four wines throughout December, there are a few characteristics to look out for to help you on your mission to become a master of Merlot and more. 

  • Sweetness – Some like it sweet; some like it dry. This is just a case of personal preference in how sweet you like your grapes. 
  • Tannin – Tannin is produced from nearly every part of a grape other than the big juicy part. These are anti-oxidizing, so some wine lovers like to consider them ‘good for you.’ No matter how much tannin a wine has, it’s always important to enjoy your wine in moderation. 
  • Acidity – The three most common acids found in wine are tartaric, malon and citric. They’re responsible for keeping the balance in the bottle and leveling out any sour or bitter flavors that may have a bigger presence than we would prefer.
  • Body – You can think of a wine’s body in a similar way to that of yourself after a big Christmas meal. If your wine is full bodied, then it’s going to have a heavy texture. Whereas if it’s light bodied (and didn’t eat too many potatoes), then it will have a much fresher and crisp initial taste when drinking. There are also medium bodied wines out there (like those who don’t overfill their plate). 

Why Do People Swirl Their Wine Glass?

Is it to look cool? Is it to flirt with the person opposite them? Yes, both of these are most often a correct answer to this age old question, but there is also a more scientific answer. Giving your glass a little round and round motion introduces a higher oxygen level to the liquid and enhances the aromas being released while also eliminating any of the less pleasant smells within the glass. Taste and smell go hand in hand and so for the best wine drinking experience, give your glass a little swirl before sipping. 

This year, be one of the lucky ones to score a great grape win with a wine advent calendar. Come December 1st, it’s sure to be the best kind of advent calendar there is.

1. Macy’s 2020 Countdown Festive Box


Macy’s Wine Cellar 2020 Countdown Festive Box boasts 12 mini bottles of wine from some of the best producers around the world. In addition, this advent calendar’s presentation is both beautiful and practical with its red and white festive design surrounded by a face up box, allowing for easy opening and access. Order this countdown box as soon as possible, as there’s only a limited amount available. No doubt everyone is going to want to get their hands on this unique advent calendar from one of America’s favorite retailers. 

wine advent calendars macys Image courtesy of Macy's


2. PlayfulPress Christmas Advent Calendar


Let’s be honest, the most important part of a wine advent calendar is the wine. So, why not keep it simple and to the point with the PlayfulPress Christmas Advent Calendar tags? This way you can have the full 25 day countdown to Christmas rather than a reduced amount of days so that your chosen calendar can fit all the bottles in. The product is predominantly aimed at beer drinkers, but there’s nothing stopping you from using them for wine instead. All you need to do is purchase the design, print off the tags, put them in place and, eventually, pour your wine!

wine advent calendars playfulpress Image courtesy of Etsy


3. Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine


Were you naughty or nice this year? The Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine comes in one of those two varieties, each with 12 glasses of wine in the box. Order both boxes as a part of this bundle, and you’ll get 24 glasses of wine for the advent season. The wines in either box include a mix of reds and whites that are specially selected for the winter season. Get a box for yourself and give one as a super special gift this year.

wine advent calendar vinebox Image courtesy of Vinebox


4. Usual Wines Mixed Box


We have plenty of Christmas wine advent calendars that come without the bottles on our list but what about one that comes with the wine and without the calendar? This mixed box of red, rose and brut from Usual Wines can be exactly that. There are 12 bottles included in each order which makes it ideal for a 12-day countdown. Each 6.3 oz bottle is presented in a beautiful, chemistry style glass bottle which you could upcycle to make a display post-drinking. And, if you’re not usually the creative type to make such a thing, don’t worry, the wine will help!

wine advent calendars mixed pack Image courtesy of Usual wines


5. Give Them Beer Sparkling Wine Calendar


Add a touch of tinsel to your wine advent calendar by making it a sparkling special. This 12 days of Christmas wine advent calendar is presented in a royal blue box with a bubbly texture print. As you open each calendar window, you’ll find a top selection of champagnes, proseccos, bruts, rosés and more. If you’re one for the finer things in life and fancy some fizz in your glass this festive season, then this is the best wine advent calendar for you.

wine advent calendars sparkling wine advent calendar Image courtesy of Give Them Beer


6. Give Them Beer Wine Advent Calendar


Despite the name of the company, the Give Them Beer Wine Advent Calendar is one of the best wine advent calendars available for 2020. 12 half bottles with labels you’ll recognize are all hidden behind tiny cardboard doors, waiting for you to enjoy them with each passing day. There are reds, whites and sparkling wines included in the mix. Plus, with half bottles rather than quarter bottles, you’ll get a lot of wine to enjoy even if this calendar is 12 days instead of 24.

wine advent calendar give them beer Image courtesy of Give Them Beer


7. Vinomofo Advent Calendar Variety Wine Box


This variety of wines from Vinomofo will have you drinking your countdown to a very merry Christmas. If you fancy yourself as a more advanced wine drinker with a nose and taste for what’s good, then don’t let your standards slip in the face of advent. Stay strong in your status with this stellar cellar selection. Each box comes with a full range of wines, including different fizz factors and colors, but all are made with the greatest grapes. They’ll also be accompanied by a booklet bursting with information about each of the bottles, so that you can keep your glass and knowledge topped up at the same time.

wine advent calendars 12 wines for the ultimate Image courtesy of Vinomofo


8. Holiday Spirits Calendars for Adults


If you know what wine you like and don’t want to chance getting a bottle or two that you can’t drink, DIY your advent calendar with the Holiday Spirits Calendars Advent Calendar for Adults. This yuletide box allows you to put whatever wine, spirits or beer you like most inside. This would also make a great gift for friends and family as you can fill the box to individual taste.

wine advent calendar amazon box Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Grape Juice Mom Advent Calendar


Make this Christmas tree shaped calendar the advent countdown of your December dreams by customizing it with treats to suit your taste buds. Whether you personalize this calendar for yourself, for a loved one or for a friend, you can make sure that only the best wines are hidden behind each of the 12 colorful bauble windows. The calendar will arrive already assembled, so you don’t have to worry about any of the folding and can stay completely focused on what goodies to put inside. This wine advent calendar is made in the USA and sure to bring some Christmas cheer to any lucky person who gets to open it (once you’ve filled it).

wine advent calendars grape juice mom Image courtesy of Amazon


10. TheCraftPeg Snowflake Christmas Wine Countdown


Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas by counting down to December 25th with mini bottles of wine. This wonderful, wintery, wooden snowflake has neck and base holes hollowed out of its surface to make way for the little bottles. It has engraved details and stands tall on two opposing feet. TheCraftPeg also offers a mini spirit bottle version, if that’s more for you. Just select which you’d prefer at the point of purchase.

wine advent calendars thecraftpeg Image courtesy of Etsy


11. TobinsWoodWorking Wine Advent Calendar


The TobinsWoodWorking Wine Advent Calendar is a permanent piece you can enjoy year after year. The wooden calendar has space for 24 small bottles of wine and is made from Baltic birch plywood. As an added bonus, this advent calendar is paintable thanks to the fact that the numbers are engraved, so you can make this piece unique to your home.

wine advent calendar etsy Image courtesy of Etsy


12. Knot In Your House Wine Advent Calendar


Knot In Your House offers a variety of different wood stains and finishes to create the perfect appearance of your Wine Advent Calendar. Their design can house 24 bottles of your favorite wines for a Christmas countdown suited to your taste exactly. The wooden tree is topped with a star shape and stands 22 inches tall by 17 inches wide. It’s also made of three pieces of wood that slot together with ease to assemble and pack down flat for storage.

wine advent calendars knot in your house Image courtesy of Amazon


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