Put a Cork in It With These Mother’s Day-Ready Wine Cork Holders

Raise the Bar Co. Unique True
Courtesy of Etsy

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Red or white? Or, maybe mom’s a fan of the best rosé wine. Whatever she’s drinking, boy, is she drinking. This Mother’s Day, commemorate your wine mom’s drinking habits with the keepsake she’s always wanted: a wine cork holder.

Some corks are too good not to keep. Whether it’s a cork with a funny word on it, a cork from a bottle she’s been saving for years or simply a cork from her favorite bottle, wine corks can hold sentiment to wine lovers for various reasons. Some corks are simply far too special to throw in the trash bin. That’s why wine cork holders are so perfect for gifting wine lovers. They are a solid spot for cork-collecting that makes these otherwise mundane treasures look like they’re part of the furniture.

Wine cork holders come in all shapes in sizes for a variety of drinkers and home aesthetics. Some sit on the ground as a sort of wine cork basket while others hang on the wall as decorative wall art. There are options for the bottle-a-night type and the bottle-a-year kind of gal, too, so even if your mom loves wine but only drinks it once in a while, there will be a wine cork holder for her.

Because wine cork holders make such excellent gifts, there’s no better time than now to get browsing for Mother’s Day. We collected a number of our favorites below, so pop open a bottle yourself and get looking.


1. Vivaterra Wall Bar And Wine Cork Holder


A decorative wall wine cork holder with a double purpose? Sign us the hell up. This wine cork holder from Vivaterra won’t only hold your mom’s corks, but it’ll also hold her booze. Yup, this baby serves a double purpose as a wall bar. Now, mom can keep her favorite bottles and glassware on display for all to see as she continuously adds new corks to her holder. Eventually, she will have a full wine cork frame dedicated to displaying her best-loved beverages.

Vivaterra Wall Bar And Wine Cork Holder Courtesy of Vivaterra


2. JHY DESIGN Wine Cork Holder


This stylishly rugged wine cork holder says it best! “Wine.” That is all. As straightforward as it is, this wine cork holder is a striking option mom will love to have in her dining space or kitchen. It’s made from metal with a lacquer finish to add a bit of flare to mom’s home interior. It can fit up to around 70 corks total, so mom will only have to drink 70 bottles of wine before it’s filled to the brim. So, like, it’ll be complete in about a week, probably.

JHY DESIGN Wine Cork Holder Courtesy of Amazon


3. Raise the Bar Co. Unique True Wood Wine Cork Display


As if it couldn’t get any better, this glass-encased cork display is the perfect way feature for all of your mom’s precious corks while acting as a bottle display at the same time. It has the classic Lazy Susan design so mom can spin and easily access her favorite bottle when need be. It can hold up to 130 corks in total, simply have mom remove the glass and put a new one in each time after finishing a bottle. It’s that easy.

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Raise the Bar Co. Unique True Wood Wine Cork Display Courtesy of Etsy


4. Northcoast Imprints US State Wine Cork Holder


Northcoast Imprints did what they had to do by creating a wine cork holder for every state in the US. These wall hangers will hold a number of wine corks for mom to place inside for state pride. Have her fill them with all of her favorites or from bottles made right in her home state to make this piece of art extra special. Whether she’s from Wyoming or Florida, it’s time for her to get sipping.

Northcoast Imprints US State Wine Cork Holder Courtesy of Etsy


5. House Vines Wine Glass Cork Holder


Two clinking wine glasses have never looked better. Ditch your classic cheers for a wine cork holder perfect for your mom’s dining room. Here, she can fill the two holders and create different patterns by flipping the corks and making the glasses look “filled” with wine. Or, better yet, if mom is a lover of both white and red, have her fill one with just red bottle corks and the other with white to create a contrasting appearance that will look gorgeous on her walls.

House Vines Wine Glass Cork Holder Courtesy of Amazon


6. Shikha Wine Cork Holder


Maybe Mom isn’t the gaudy type. If she’s just looking for a simple way to collect some of her most prized wine corks in a low-key spot, check out this simple wine cork holder. It’s in the shape of a decanter and can easily hold up to 150 wine corks in total. It is made with a heavy-duty construction so if it ever falls, she’ll have nothing to worry about. We know Mom can get a little clumsy sometimes.

Shikha Wine Cork Holder Courtesy of Amazon


7. will’s Wine Cork Holder


What’s your mother’s name? Or, what’s her last name? Maiden name? Commemorate her, your family or her formative years with this wine cork holder in the shape of any letter she pleases. Some letters have the ability to stand freely on a shelf, but the majority will need to be hung. Like, there’s no way the letter “O” will be able to sit still without rolling away. All of these wine cork holders will be able to hold a different number of corks depending on what you choose.

will's Wine Cork Holder Courtesy of Amazon


8. Alpine Wine Design Countertop Cork Keeper


To give old wine barrels a second life, the Alpine Wine Design countertop cork keeper is made 100% from authentic repurposed wine barrel heads and bands. It has quite the rustic display and has a very DIY approach to it which we really appreciate. If Mom’s a fan of the barnyard aesthetic, this one’s totally for her.

Alpine Wine Design Countertop Cork Keeper Courtesy of Etsy


9. Home-X Keepsake Wine Cork Holder


Looking for something that doesn’t need to be hung up on the wall? Check out the Home-X wine cork holder, ready to free-stand on mama’s bar cart and hold a few bottles of wine while doing it. This wine cork holder is the perfect pick for those who need a little more room for wine organization. While collecting loads of wine corks, keep mom’s runner-ups in view for when it’s time to open a new bottle.

Home-X Keepsake Wine Cork Holder Courtesy of Amazon


10. MCS Bar None His & Hers Wine Cork & Beer Cap Wall


What’s a gift for mom when dad can’t get in on the fun? Check out this “His & Hers” cork and cap collector that won’t only collect all of mom’s wine corks, but dad’s beer bottle caps, too. Mount this on their kitchen wall or dining room for a fun collection both parents can get in on. Who do you think will fill it up first?

MCS Bar None His & Hers Wine Cork & Beer Cap Wall Courtesy of Amazon


11. Better Home Space Wine Cork Holder Accent Tables


Yep, this end table will hold, like, every wine cork from every bottle your mom will drink for the rest of your life. This massive end table is great for serious wine drinkers. It situates itself nicely as part of the furniture and works as a great end table for living rooms. When mom’s done with a bottle, all she has to do is throw the cork in the hole provided and uncork another bottle.

Better Home Space Wine Cork Holder Accent Tables Courtesy of Etsy