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Enjoy Merlot On The Go With These Wine Totes

Whether it’s an outdoor movie or a picnic, the person who brings a bottle of wine is always the group’s MVP. Even better if it’s two bottles of wine. There’s something special about drinking a glass of wine on the beach, but getting your bottle from the car and down to the sand can potentially spell disaster. The simplest way to safely get your wine everywhere is with a wine tote. You might just be imagining a simple canvas tote that’s roughly bottle sized, but the best wine totes are a little more advanced than the New Yorker tote you’ve been carrying around.

These wine totes are padded to protect the bottles and insulated to keep the wines at the right temperature. Plus, they have dividers; the most common totes can accommodate two to four bottles of wine. Typically, they’ll have top handles and shoulder straps, making it easy to carry the wine and whatever else you have to haul from the car. So, if you’re ready to enjoy wine the way it was meant to be enjoyed, or you’re just looking for a gift for a wine lover, check out these insulated wine totes below.

1. Tirrina Insulated Wine Carrier Tote

This wine tote can hold up to four bottles of wine and it comes in several stylish designs, including a nautical stripe and an amusingly ridiculous camouflage option. It has a top handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. The internal divider is removable, which makes cleaning quick and easy.

Pros: Comes in a variety of designs, has a carrying handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for convenience and portability.

Cons: Some felt that the internal divider was flimsy and hard to remove.

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2. OPUX 2 Bottle Wine Carrier

This travel bag comes with a free corkscrew. The Amazon listing makes it easy to choose between carriers that hold two or three bottles of wine. The tote has a removable shoulder strap and a top carrying handle, and there’s even a front pocket for a little extra storage.

Pros: Comes with a corkscrew, has a top handle and a shoulder strap. Simple design makes it a good discrete option.

Cons: The compact design may not be able to accommodate larger bottles of wine or non-wine beverage bottles.

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3. Handy Laundry Wine Carrier Tote Bag

This wine tote has thick exterior padding and an internal divider for carrying up to four bottles of wine. The exterior is padded, but soft, so it can be folded up when not in use. There are two top handles that are sewn onto the sides, rather than one handle sewn on the top, making for more secure carrying.

Pros: Padded for protection, but can fold down to a compact size. Holds up to 4 bottles.

Cons: No shoulder strap, unlike the other options.

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