This Adorable Avocado Sock Helps Ripen Your Avocados in 24 Hours

avocado sock
Courtesy of The Grommet

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Shopping for avocados is like navigating a minefield: grab one that’s too hard and you have to wait a few days (at least) before it starts to ripen, but grab one too soft and you only have a few fleeting hours before it starts going bad.

Unlike your local cable repairman, who gives you a delivery window between 10 a.m. Monday and 2 p.m. next Friday, avocados don’t have the same shelf life. In fact, if you don’t eat them at precisely the right time, you’re stuck with mushy, brown muck — or worse, avocados so stiff you can barely taste that green, gooey goodness. That’s why this avocado ripener is such a great little kitchen accessory.

Made from 100% Shetland wool, it’s more than just an ordinary sock; it’s a sock that makes your avocados go from rump to ripe. The sock’s natural linoleum interior and warm wool lining are designed to help speed up your produce’s ripening time in as little as 24 hours. Definitely nice to have when you’re planning your shopping list for the week.

avocado sock Courtesy of The Grommet
Wool Avocado Sock Courtesy of The Grommet

Picking the right avocado is a sort of pseudo art form, one that takes a certain panache to pull off when you’re grocery shopping. Unlike other types of fruit (yes, avocados are technically a fruit), avocados only have a munching window of one to two days tops. After that, you’re risking a one-way ticket to Brown Town. With this handy sock in your arsenal, you can help speed up nature’s natural process and help ensure your avocados ripen right when you’re ready for guacamole.

Best of all, this handy ripener comes in three different colors (our favorite is olive) and features a handy drawstring to help perfectly cover your produce. In addition to simply being an ingenious little kitchen accessory, it also makes a great gift idea. Grab them for all the avocado-loving friends in your life. Never again will they be forced to pay $13+ for avocado toast at that local brunch spot because the organic avocados they bought still aren’t ripe enough to eat.

Finally, your avocados have the socks they deserve.