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Review: My 64oz YETI Rambler Is The Best Water Bottle I’ve Ever Owned

When I tell you I own a lot of reusable water bottles, I mean that I own a lot of reusable water bottles.

As someone who writes about products all day for a living, I’m gifted a plethora of water bottles in the mail for review. In addition, I attend a ton of press events and product launches that almost always include a water bottle as a “thank you for coming” gift.

That said, if there’s anything I own too much of, it’s water bottles. I swear, I can dedicate an entire room in my apartment to all of them. That’s if I had the space.

So, you get it. Over the course of the past couple of years, I’ve become pretty acquainted with water bottles. Plastic, stainless steel, insulated, non-insulated, jugs, sippy cups — you name it, I know about it.

Although I’m considered a water bottle hoarder, there was something I realized a few nights back about my water bottle usage that hit me like a brick wall.

What is it, you ask?

Well, I only use one: the YETI 64oz Rambler.

At a Glance:

  • 64oz in total, meaning 8 cups altogether
  • 18/8 stainless steel consistency
  • Double-wall vacuum insulated
  • Keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot
  • No sweat design
  • Dishwasher safe


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Tyler Schoeber | SPY

What Makes It Different?

It goes without saying that YETI makes some top-notch products. From bone-chilling, double-insulated coolers to a line of do-it-all, travel-ready luggage, YETI has dipped its toes into numerous worlds, providing quality items across a number of different variables.

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And, this water bottle ain’t any different.

Like YETI’s best coolers, the 64oz Rambler uses a double-insulated stainless steel wall to ensure all contents inside stay at the temperature it needs to be. That means all cold water stays cold even in triple digits and all hot liquids keep their heat even if the thermometer drops below freezing.

Because this bottle holds a whopping 64oz, water drinkers will get their daily eight glasses as they go sip after sip. Sure, the size might seem a little overwhelming and most certainly a little heavy for some folks, but the no-sweat exterior ensures all grips are slip-less. In addition, the top chug cap has a handle that makes the bottle extra easy to carry, making it great for bringing on the go.

Now, since I mentioned the chug cap, this isn’t something I can just dust over. The chug cap is ideal for those extra thirsty moments after running for 30-minutes on the treadmill. It’s ideal for when it’s so hot at the beach, you’re completely soaked without even having gone in the water. It’s necessary for that 2 AM glug-glug on nights where you wake up from a dead sleep with a mouth dryer than the Sahara. It’s perfect for a bottle this size and helps water get into your mouth that much more effortlessly.


Is This My Everyday Water Bottle?

Is the YETI 64oz Rambler my everyday water bottle? Well, yes and no. Let me explain.

Given the size, this water bottle rarely ever leaves my apartment. It stays next to my desk as I work from home, next to my bed as I sleep, keeps itself cozy on the coffee table when I watch TV on the couch and I bring it to my gym every time I get a workout in.

That said, that’s entirely it.

Due to the large size, I don’t bring this water bottle with me when I’m out on the town. I do carry a tote bag with me no matter where I go, but I feel this water bottle is a little too large to carry along with me and is so heavy that I can even feel it ripping the threading from my bag.

Prior to this water bottle, I did have a smaller water bottle I brought around everywhere with me. Now, I just wait until I grab food or a drink and order a glass of water alongside whatever it is I’m having. Because of this water bottle, I waddle around waterless. But, it’s still a must-have for my home interior. Plus, I know I’m drinking much more water than I ever have, even though it doesn’t really leave my house.


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Tyler Schoeber | SPY

Is The YETI 64oz Rambler Worth It?

Full stop, yes.

I understand there are folks out there who carry a water bottle with them throughout the day, but this is not that water bottle. This is your at-home chugger, your gym buddy, your beach bring-along and your park-hang partner.

This isn’t the one you necessarily bring to work or on the train, but hey, if you can manage the extra weight, so be it.

Size, quality and materials used place this bottle in a tier that surpasses my personal rankings. This is a water bottle I’m absolutely certain everybody will fall in love with.

And, hey, although I’m a sucker for a 64oz, YETI even has this bottle available in smaller sizes such as 18oz, 26oz, 36oz and 46oz. Just because I prefer it bigger doesn’t mean you have to. Your problems can be solved just as easily as I refuse to solve mine!


The Verdict: Bigger Really Is Better

It cannot be forgotten: with the YETI 64oz Rambler, bigger is better. Sure, the double-insulated stainless steel, game-changing chug cap and non-slip exterior are all killer qualities, but this is for full eight glasses, people. Keeping yourself hydrated comes way too easy.

So Should You Buy It?

Yes, you should buy it. I personally suggest nothing less than 64oz, but if you really have to, there are a number of smaller sizes worth considering that will have you saying “yes”.


  • Fits a whole eight glasses
  • Easy to chug
  • Minimal refills throughout the day
  • No-sweat exterior
  • Keeps beverages at the perfect temperature


  • Might be a little too big for some
  • Hefty pricepoint when it comes to reusable water bottles

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Courtesy of YETI


What Are Some Alternatives To Consider

If you aren’t sold on YETI’s line of reusable water bottles of any size, there are a number of popular brands to check out that might steer you in the right direction. Check them out below.

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Straw Lid

The Hydro Flask is definitely more geared toward the Gen Z type, but these stainless steel water bottles are most certainly worth considering at any age. Each bottle uses high-quality materials and processes that keep your water cold even on the hottest of days. There are tons of super bright, funky colors that help show off your personality in sizes that range from 24oz to 32 oz to 40oz. In addition, each bottle comes with a straw lid that makes sipping that much more fun.

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Courtesy of Amazon


HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle

One of the highest-rated stainless steel water bottles on Amazon is the HYDRO CELL. This water bottle is a really affordable YETI alternative that comes in five different sizes and almost 20 different colors. It’s insulated with a double wall to keep drinks frigid and includes both a stainless steel cap and a straw cap so you can pick your poison.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

Last but not least, we have to talk about the $15 insulated water bottle from Amazon Basics. This puppy essentially comes with just about all of the same bells and whistles in what’s seen above but will cost you a ton less.

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Courtesy of Amazon


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