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Cash and Carry: The 5 Best Money Clips Under $15

* Slim, compact money clips
* Front pocket wallets
* Durable and stylish

As Holiday Gifts go, the wallet or money clip is a versatile choice. Picking the just-right wallet or money clip though is a nuanced proposition; like many everyday carry items, the best and most usable ones strike a fine balance between practicality and poise. A good money clip should be distinguished, yet instantly familiar, memorable and comfortable. After all, it’s one of the three things modern humans seem to need every time we leave the house: “keys, phone, wallet,” being for many of us the final verse in our morning get-ready mantra.

1. Black Leather Magnetic Money Clip

Finished in black leather with a soft, felt lining, this secure magnetic money clip benefits from a simple and timeless design.


2. Sharkk Stainless Money Clip

This stainless finish money clip is a smooth operator, featuring a polished surface and strong construction so it won’t play fast and loose with your cards.


3. Hopsooken Wallet and Money Clip

This slim combination wallet and money clip features genuine leather, a magnetic money clip and six card slots, all packed in a handsome and minimalist shape. Thanks to its compact design, it makes a fine front pocket wallet.


4. Carbonlife Money Clip

Slim and sporty, this carbon fiber-look card clip securely holds cash and credit cards — or business cards — making it easier than ever to mime Christian Bale’s memorable “business card” scene from American Psycho. Unlike Bale’s character, this money clip won’t get bent out of shape easily.


5. Boarding Pass Brass Money Clip

This brass money clip helps avoid the dreaded pants pocket bulge, while securely holding bills, boarding passes and more. After all, who wants to work hard at the gym only to have the lines of his finely honed glutes obscured by a large rectangular wallet?

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