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These Award-Winning Dolls Are Machine Washable – and Multi-Ethnic

* A range of award-winning children’s dolls that are 100% machine washable
* Adora makes multicultural dolls with gender-neutral patterned accessories
* Kids love their realistic details as well as their giggling and thumb sucking

If you find the toy industry to be gender and race biased, having to pick out a new toy for your child can often induce despair. That’s why you should give these charming Adora dolls a lookover.

Having won an impressive number of awards including “Top Toy of the Year,” “Preferred Choice Award” and “Creative Play of the Year,” they have managed to give the baby doll a much-needed update, bringing it into the modern age.

Why do parents love these dolls?

The reason these lovable dolls have become an instant favorite with so many parents becomes quite obvious when you look at the details. Not only are these dolls durable and 100% machine washable, they are also free from BPAs, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

On top of this, Adora’s forward-thinking attitude helps to bring your child into the modern world. This company offers a range of dolls from a number of different cultures. You’ll also find boy dolls and a number of accessories featuring gender-neutral patterns.

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For parents who like to see responsibility in the community, Adora does its part by donating to children’s hospitals, fire station drop offs and number of remote families. Their aim is to create a better future for everyone.

Why do kids love these dolls?

It’s important to kids that their favorite toys can come with them everywhere. Adora’s dolls tick that box. Whether you’re heading to the beach, to the swimming pool or just to the bath for the daily wash, the Adora BathTime Babies are ready to come along.

Comfort is also a massive factor, which is why the dolls’ silky bodies make snuggling up an enjoyable experience. In addition, the babies come with a pleasant baby powder smell (not a plasticky smell).

Your child’s experience is made all the more real by the impressively lifelike details of these baby dolls. Realistically weighted bodies, opening and closing eyes, giggling sounds and thumb sucking give your child a companion to grow alongside. To complete the fun, there’s a range of purchasable accessories, including items like highchairs, car seats and strollers.

And the multi-ethnic range of available dolls means kids will find someone that reflects who they are and how they see themselves. It’s a progressive way to interact with dolls, teaching everyone that fun comes in all shapes, shades and sizes.