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Drink, Eat, Read and Play Your Way Towards the Holidays With an Advent Calendar for Men

If we’re being honest, the holidays feel much more geared towards kids than adults. They get time off from school, they spend the day in their pajamas watching TV, and ‘being active’ means snowball fights and riding a sled, which TBH is a pretty fun way to workout. But that shouldn’t mean adults don’t also get to relax during the most wonderful time of the year. While decorating the home, searching for the perfect Christmas gifts and trying to avoid overeating at every holiday party can get tiresome, one way to enjoy the month of December is with a countdown just for you. That’s right, we’re talking about Advent calendars for men.

Advent calendars make for a great gift item either for yourself or others. Many brands offer major discounts with their Advent calendars, which act as a way to sample some of their best sellers or new products. Advent calendars are also a fun way to mark the passing of time leading up to the holidays and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family (we’re thinking more Funko Pop, less alcohol for this feature). Pick up a calendar from one of your favorite brands or try a new company for the first time. Most things are mini-sized and perfect for a time of year when a little treat can help keep away the bah humbug of it all.

From socks to short stories, spirits to scented body wash, these Advent calendars for men will help you not only survive the holiday season but enjoy it.


1. ManVent – Advent Calendar for Men


For an Advent calendar that will cover your bases this holiday season, the ManVent is the way to go. The burly box comes with everything you’ll need to survive the holiday season, including award-winning jerky, spicy and salty snacks, a survival tool in case cutting down a Christmas tree goes rogue and beer. Obviously.

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Image courtesy of Give Them Beer

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2. Men’s Star Wars 15 Days of Socks Advent Calendar


Admittedly, getting socks for Christmas isn’t that exciting, but it is if there’s a theme. Target has a huge selection of Men’s Advent Calendar socks for superfans, including sets for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, Avengers and Space Jam fans.

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Image courtesy of Target

3. MLB Boston Red Sox Christmas Countdown Decals


The holidays aren’t typically a great time for sports fans with most leagues on a break, but you can continue to support your team with an Advent decal. Available with several team themes, these decals will remind Bill across the street that your rivalry will resume as soon as Christmas is over.

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Image courtesy of Target

4. Playmobil Back to the Future Advent Calendar


For an Advent calendar that will be fun for you and your kids to build together and definitely not for you to buy on your own and enjoy once everyone has gone to bed (no judgment), Playmobil has created a Back to the Future Advent Calendar. Great Scott, this looks like fun.

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Image courtesy of Target

5. Jerky Advent Calendar


The holidays tend to lean heavily towards the sweets, but if you’re more of a savory guy, you’re going to love the Jerky Advent Calendar from Give Them Beer. The set includes 12 days of carnivorous paradise, with almost two pounds of inventive and delicious flavors.

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Image courtesy of Give Them Beer

6. Nipyata Boozy Advent Calendar


There are several Advent calendars that focus on specific types of alcohol (don’t worry, we’ve included those too), but for those who like to get into all types of holiday spirits, try the Nipyata Boozy Advent Calendar. Twelve mini bottles of high-end spirit brands cover the gamut of vodka, whiskey, tequila, gin, rum. Tere’s even a Kahlua Coffee Liqueur for Christmas morning, of course.

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Image courtesy of Nipyata

7. Hoppy Hanukkah Beer Box


Enjoy eight crazy nights with a hand-selected assortment of craft beer from independent breweries throughout the US. Not only will your Hanukkah celebrations go down a little smoother this year, but the calendar also comes with some fun swag, including a winter beanie and chocolate. Brewvana is also selling a 12 Beers of Christmas Beer Box for those waiting until December to celebrate the holidays.

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Image courtesy of Brewvana


8. 12 Nights of Wine Wonderland From Get VineBox


Wine drinkers, we didn’t forget you! VineBox is back with their fan-favorite Advent calendar that features an indulgent collection of world-class wines. Four whites, two rosés, and six reds have been selected by certified sommeliers to create a carefully crafted set that wine lovers will, well, love.

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Image courtesy of VineBox

9. Funko Pop! Advent Calendar: Harry Potter


True Potter fans know you never outgrow the fandom, which is why we are loving the latest Funko Pop! set featuring Harry, Hermoine, Ron, and the rest of the Hogwarts characters. This year’s set features 24 figurines in total, with the pocket pops making for a fun surprise every day.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

10. Lakrids by Bülow Danish Licorice Advent Calendar


If you have a sweet tooth, you cannot miss this year’s Danish Licorice Advent Calendar from Lakrids by Bülow. SPY received a sample of various licorice flavors from the Danish confectioner and our plan was to share the smooth, not-too-sweet goodies with friends. There was no sharing. This is not your average Advent candy calendar.

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Image courtesy of Food52

11. Vadham Tea Advent Calendar


Whether you’re a tea lover who needs a little pep in their step to help finish holiday shopping or want a warm cup at the end of the day to unwind, this year’s Vadham Tea Advent Calendar has something for everyone. The set comes with 24 individually packaged bags of organic tea, including flavors like Sweet Himalayan, Ginger Chocolate, and Earl Grey Spiced.

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Image courtesy of Vadham

12. RITUALS Advent Calendar 2021 Gift Set


Rituals is back with another new Advent calendar for 2021 and it’s packed with luxurious grooming and beauty products that both men and women will enjoy. This year’s set comes in a box that resembles a festive village and includes shower gels, lotions, candles, and more.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

13. Holiday Calendar from Spotlight Oral Care


It could come off as a bit rude to gift someone an Advent calendar of oral care items, but receiving this bundle from Spotlight Oral Care would have us smiling. The gift set features several high-end oral hygiene items, including a new electric toothbrush, lip mask and scrub, whitening strips, and dental floss. Hey, who says you can’t buy yourself an Advent calendar, right?

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Image courtesy of Spotlight Oral Care

14. McCrea’s Candies 2021 Caramel Advent Calendar


For 2021, McCrea’s Candies is dedicating its Advent calendar to the pets that helped us cope with the pandemic. The candy company is offering their yearly calendar with 24 days of delicious caramels and chocolate, with proceeds going to NEADS World Class Service Dogs. SPY received an early copy of this year’s Advent calendar and loved the beautiful design of the calendar and scrumptious treats inside.

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Image courtesy of McCrea's Candies

15. 2021 Short Story Advent Calendar


Get a jump start on your New Year’s resolution to read more with this year’s collection of short stories from Hingston and Olsen Publishing. Alberto Manguel had edited and curated this year’s collection, which features authors from around the world. Each story is individually bound and sealed, with 25 short stories ready to be enjoyed and displayed as a beautiful, permanent collection on your bookshelf.

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Image courtesy of Hingston & Olsen Publishing

Drink, Eat, Read and Play Your Way Towards The Holidays With An Advent Calendar For Men