The 15 Alternative Christmas Trees to Help You Stand Out From the Crowd This Holiday Season

Goplus Pre-Lit Artificial Cactus Christmas Tree
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For most people, the process of picking a Christmas tree is simple. You look at the space you have in your home, assess your budget, go to the store and find a tree that fits your requirements. Generally speaking, the fuller the tree is, the better. But, not when it comes to alternative Christmas trees.

There are, of course, some exceptions to the rule. For instance, in some states across America, people have started their own regional alternatives to the traditional tree. Examples include trees made of sand in Florida, poinsettia trees in California and lobster trap trees in New England.

The above shows that for some people, evergreen trees are boring, and conforming to tradition-dictated norms isn’t the way to go. If you fall into that category, this list is for you.

Below, you’ll find a selection of our 15 favorite Christmas tree alternatives. Options include rainbow-colored trees, upside-down trees and even half of a tree. No matter what style of tree you prefer, we have something to help you stand out from the crowd this holiday season. And don’t forget to check out some outdoor holiday gear like Christmas light projectors to decorate the outside of your home, too!


1. Home Heritage Half Christmas Tree


Have you ever wondered why you bother decorating the whole Christmas tree when only half of it is ever going to be on display? Invest in this Home Heritage Half Christmas Tree, and you’ll wonder no more. By only buying half a Christmas tree, you won’t have to waste any time decorating a half no one’s going to see. The design also saves on space and comes pre-lit with 100 white LED lights.

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Home Heritage Half Christmas Tree Courtesy of Amazon


2. Product Works Charlie Brown Musical Christmas Tree


The Product Works Charlie Brown Musical Christmas Tree is ideal for Peanuts fans. This is a 24-inch tall official replica of the tree made famous by the 1965 animated special A Charlie Brown Christmas. The tree is just like you remember — a bare branch decorated with a single red bulb ornament and Linus’s blanket wrapped around the base. As an added bonus, the tree also plays the classic Peanuts theme song to complete the cartoon Christmas atmosphere.

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Product Works Charlie Brown Musical Christmas Tree Courtesy of Amazon


3. Goplus Pre-Lit Artificial Cactus


This Christmas tree wants to be a cactus soooooo bad. We’re sorry, tree, but it’s never going to happen. You’re just a Christmas tree that looks like a cactus. Nonetheless, if you love a Wild West or can’t get enough of succulents, this artificial cactus tree is totally for you. It’s complete with lights but feel free to add ornaments and bows of your own speed.

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Goplus Pre-Lit Artificial Cactus Courtesy of Amazon


4. Creative Hobbies Standing Wood Pallet Christmas Tree


If you celebrate Christmas on the water’s edge or you simply enjoy a fresh, rustic look throughout your home, the Creative Hobbies Standing Wood Pallet Christmas Tree is a wonderful alternative to tradition. These two pallet-esque Christmas trees aren’t going to hold any ornaments, but they bring a tasteful look to the interior (or exterior) of your home. You can also feel free to paint or stain them to make them into a brand new masterpiece.

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Creative Hobbies Standing Wood Pallet Christmas Tree Courtesy of Amazon


5. Best Choice Products White Pine Tree


Sporting a hard-to-miss, all-white design, this beautiful Best Choice Products White Pine Tree is the physical manifestation of luxury. It sits six feet high, and the 1,000 branch tips can be spread and fluffed to provide dense foliage to house all of your favorite ornaments. You’ll also find a sturdy stand, which provides a stable base and prevents tipping.

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alternative christmas trees white pine Courtesy of Amazon


6. Vickerman Green Upside Down Tree


Now this may take some getting used to. The Vickerman Green Upside Down Tree has its top at the bottom and its bottom at its top. And while on first exposure, the orientation can seem quite odd, after a short while you’ll come to love having more decorating space to enjoy at head height and more space under the tree, as well. The tree also comes pre-lit with 250 white lights and is supported by a sturdy metal stand.

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alternative christmas trees upside down vickerman Courtesy of Amazon


7. Best Choice Products Wrought Iron Ornament Display Christmas Tree


Let’s say you have a ton of ornaments you absolutely love. Don’t you want to show off ALL of them? Well, now you can with the Best Choice Products Wrought Iron Ornament Display Christmas Tree. This 6-foot tall tree is the standard size of most at-home Christmas trees, but instead of cladding itself in green needles, it has a full iron design. Lights are not included here so you’re going to have to figure that part out yourself, but it’s a really pretty design that will look great in your home.

Best Choice Products Wrought Iron Ornament Display Christmas Tree Courtesy of Amazon


8. Goplus 6ft Unlit Black Christmas Tree


Hate the holidays? Prefer the drearier side of things? Missing Halloween? Whatever the case may be, this all-black Christmas tree is perfect for any of those instances. Leave it as is for a stark contrast to your friends’ homes, cover it in Halloween decorations or maybe even decorate it the way you would a regular Christmas tree. It’s entirely up to you!

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Goplus 6ft Unlit Black Christmas Tree Courtesy of Amazon


9. TenWaterloo Lighted Christmas Wall Tree


If you’re short on space but still want to celebrate the holidays with a tree in your home, why not try this TenWaterloo Lighted Christmas Wall Tree? This wall-mounting tree is five feet tall and sports easy-to-bend branches, allowing you to create any shape you want. The durable design and sealed battery compartment make this tree great for both indoor and outdoor use, too. Plus, the included timer switch turns the tree on for six hours of the day at the same prescribed time and then off for the rest of the day, so you never have to worry about wasting electricity. Furthermore, the tree’s Christmas-y appearance is completed by the 180 cool white LED lights scattered throughout the branches.

TenWaterloo Lighted Christmas Wall Tree Courtesy of Amazon


10. PEIDUO Lighted Birch Tree


The PEIDUO Lighted Birch Tree is an ideal choice for people who love displaying ornaments. The realistic branches are bare with no needles and only a beautiful snow-like covering, so you’ve got plenty of space to show everyone your beautiful collection of ornaments. The tree features 24 LEDs on every branch to add to the festive feel. You can get either one or two of these on Amazon now for your festivities.

PEIDUO Lighted Birch Tree Courtesy of Amazon


11. Treetopia Color Burst Rainbow Christmas Tree


If green is too plain for your tastes and you want something a little more fun, look no further than the Treetopia Color Burst Rainbow Christmas Tree. This tree measures seven feet tall and reaches a maximum diameter of 46 inches, so it’s going to be difficult for visitors to miss it. In addition, the tree is mounted on a premium white tree stand, and the rainbow-colored needles are made from PVC. The tree also includes a five-year foliage warranty.

alternative christmas trees rainbow Courtesy of Amazon


12. Bright Zeal 20″ Tall LED Maple Tree Lights


If you’re in love with fall, we’re sorry to be the ones that have to tell you, but winter is coming. If you are bringing your fall-centric life into the colder months, snag this autumnal Christmas tree alternative that’s covered in faux fall leaves, lights and pinecones. Place all your Christmas ornaments right on top to make guests a little seasonably confused.

Bright Zeal 20" Tall LED Maple Tree Lights Courtesy of Amazon


13. WelcomeToTheWoodshop Spiral Wood Christmas Tree


One of the most eco-friendly trees on our list thanks to its longevity and building materials, the WelcomeToTheWoodshop Spiral Wood Christmas is a handmade option for displaying your favorite ornaments in a non-traditional way. The tree comes in a six-foot or seven-foot option and is easy to assemble and disassemble for storage. Twist the branches in every which way for a unique look that can fit into most spaces with ease. Plus, if your cats like to play with your traditional Christmas tree, they won’t look twice at this wooden one.

alternative Christmas trees etsy wooden Courtesy of Etsy


14. Bard’s 12 Arm Silver-Toned Ornament Stand


For some people, Christmas displays are all about having the most imposing tree sitting center stage. For others, ornaments are the most important bits. If you fall into the latter category, consider purchasing the Bard’s 12 Arm Silver-Toned Ornament Stand. This three-foot, chrome-plated tree features 12 ornament hooks which allow you to go wild with decorations.

Bard's 12 Arm Silver-Toned Ornament Stand Courtesy of Amazon


15. The Holiday Aisle Alpine Christmas Tree


Go “natural” this year with the most realistic artificial Christmas tree on the market. The Holiday Aisle Alpine Christmas Tree looks like a slim, eight-foot pine and comes pre-strung with 400 clear lights. Get one and use it as your main tree this year, or grab a few and create a full Christmas tree display throughout your home.

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The Holiday Aisle Alpine Christmas Tree Courtesy of Wayfair


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