Stand out From the Crowd This Holiday Season With These Alternative Christmas Trees

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For most people, the process of picking a Christmas tree is simple. You look at the space you have in your home, assess your budget, go to the store and find a tree which fits your requirements. Generally speaking, the fuller and well-shaped the tree is the better. 

There are, of course, some exceptions to the rule. For instance, in some states across America, people have started their own regional alternatives to the traditional tree. Examples include trees made of sand in Florida, poinsettia trees in California and lobster trap trees in New England.

The above shows that for some people, evergreen trees are boring, and conforming to tradition-dictated norms isn’t the way to go. If you fall into that category, this list is for you.

Below, you’ll find a selection of our 11 favorite Christmas tree alternatives. Options include rainbow-colored trees, upside down trees and even a tree which can create its own snowfall if you’re lacking an actual white Christmas. No matter what style of tree you prefer, we have something to help you stand out from the crowd this holiday season.

1. Treetopia Color Burst Rainbow Christmas Tree


If green is too plain for your tastes and you want something a little more fun, look no further than the Treetopia Color Burst Rainbow Christmas Tree. This tree measures seven feet tall and reaches a maximum diameter of 46 inches, so it’s going to be difficult for visitors to miss it. In addition, the tree is mounted on a premium white tree stand, and the rainbow-colored needles are made from PVC. The tree also includes a five-year foliage warranty.

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2. Product Works Charlie Brown Musical Christmas Tree


The Product Works Charlie Brown Musical Christmas Tree is ideal for Peanuts fans. This is a 24-inch tall official replica of the tree made famous by the 1965 animated special A Charlie Brown Christmas. The tree is just like you remember — a bare branch decorated with a single red bulb ornament and Linus’s blanket wrapped around the base. As an added bonus, the tree also plays the classic Peanuts theme song to complete the Charlie Brown Christmas atmosphere.

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3. Ten Waterloo Lighted Christmas Wall Tree


If you’re short on space but still want to celebrate the holidays with a tree in your home, why not try this Ten Waterloo Lighted Christmas Wall Tree? This wall-mounting tree is four feet tall and sports easy-to-bend branches, allowing you to create the shape you want. The durable design and sealed battery compartment make this tree great for both indoor and outdoor use, too. Plus, the included timer switch turns the tree on for six hours of the day at the same prescribed time and then off for the rest of the day, so you never have to worry. Furthermore, the tree’s Christmas-y appearance is completed by the 112 warm white LED lights scattered throughout the branches.

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The LIGHTSHARE LED Fir Snow Tree is an ideal choice for people who love displaying ornaments. The realistic branches are bare with no needles and only a beautiful snow-like covering, so you’ve got plenty of space to show everyone your beautiful collection of ornaments. The tree features LEDs at the end of every branch tip to add to the festive feel and includes a square iron stand to provide your tree with a stable base. In addition, this option is available in a range of sizes from three to five feet tall.

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5. Best Choice Products Christmas Pine Tree


Sporting a hard-to-miss, all-white design, this beautiful Best Choice Products Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree is the physical manifestation of luxury. It sits six feet high and is scattered with 250 incandescent lights, giving a warming winter glow to any household interior. The sturdy branches and PVC needles can be spread and fluffed to provide dense foliage to house all of your favorite ornaments. You’ll also find a sturdy stand, which provides a stable base and prevents tipping.

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6. Home Heritage Artificial Half Christmas Tree


Have you ever wondered why you bother decorating the whole Christmas tree when only half of it is ever going to be on display? Invest in this Home Heritage Pre-Lit PVC Artificial Half Christmas Tree, and you’ll wonder no more. By only buying half a Christmas tree, you won’t have to waste any time decorating a half no one’s going to see. The design also saves on space and comes pre-lit with 150 incandescent clear lights.

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7. Goplus Pre-Lit Artificial Cactus Christmas Tree


Take a step away from the traditional tree with this Goplus Pre-Lit Artificial Cactus Christmas Tree. It is, as you may have guessed, shaped like a classic desert cactus and comes pre-lit with a yellow bowtie attached. Inside the box, you’ll find a number of red and yellow ball ornaments for a complete look. The “tree” is easily put together and comes in a range of sizes from five to seven feet. It also includes a metal stand with plastic feet covers to help protect your floors.

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8. Vickerman Green Upside Down Tree


Now this may take some getting used to. The Vickerman Green Upside Down Tree has its top at the bottom and its bottom at its top. And while on first exposure, the orientation can seem quite odd, after a short while you’ll come to love having more decorating space to enjoy at head height and more space under the tree, as well. The tree also comes pre-lit with 250 clear dura-lit lights and is supported by a sturdy metal stand.

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9. Fraser Hill Farm Musical Tree


The Fraser Hill Farm Musical Tree is a great choice of tree for anyone who wants a white Christmas above all else. Why? If mother nature fails to deliver the snowy day your heart desires, you can simply switch on the tree’s self-contained snowy function and enjoy the visual of “snow” (polyfoam beads) falling on your tree. The tree features a wide umbrella base to catch the beads and also comes with string lighting, a tree topper and 30 tree decorations. In addition, this musical tree can play 25 different holiday songs via the built-in speakers located in the base.

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10. Signstek Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Christmas Tree


Using a mix of multi-function crystals and 550 PVC tips, the Signstek Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Christmas Tree is capable of producing a range of visual displays to impress onlookers. Using the foot switch, you can change between 21 different modes, which include glittering fireworks, rotating colors and colorful dancing lights. The tree is easy to assemble and includes a two-year warranty. It also comes in a range of sizes and styles, including four-foot and six-foot options.

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11. Modern Christmas Trees Hanging White Tree


Not only is the Modern Christmas Trees Hanging White Tree our luxe pick, it’s also the only option on the list which collapses in on itself for easy installation and cleanup. The tree comes in either green or white and arrives fully assembled and ready to be erected. Once up, you’ll find that every ring of this lovely focal point is made from a range of beautiful ornaments. The tree also comes with a high-quality spotlight to shine upwards into the hanging loops to add to it’s Christmas-y feel.

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