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It’s Time to Create Your Baby Registry on Amazon

* Easily find and track everything you need for your baby in one convenient place
* Millions of products to fill your house with all the essential items
* Special tool allows you to add any item from any site to your registry

Having a baby? Besides being overwhelmed with the trials and tribulations that come with being pregnant, you also need to take some time to decide what it is you will need for the new baby. Whether this is your first baby or fourth, products change, technology improves and new stuff is always coming out.

This is where a baby registry comes into play. What better way to curate all the items you want then into one concise, easy-to-shop list that you can share with friends and family? Our top choice for a baby registry site is Amazon.

Here are eight reasons why the Amazon Baby Registry is your best choice to prep for your new arrival.

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1. It’s a Universal Registry

Amazon first and foremost allows you to easily add items from ANY store (both third-party vendors on its site and other, actual retailers). You’ll have one, easy-to-manage registry.

 2. They Have the Largest Selection of Products

There are over 270,000 options in the baby store alone to choose from on itself. That’s not even including other essentials you can add to your registry — like home necessities (think household supplies and everyday items) and ideas for nursery room or family room decor.

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 3. It’s a Mobile Registry

Update your registry anytime, from anywhere, using Amazon’s mobile app. Think of something you want or need? You no longer have to wait until you get home to add it to your list. See something you like while out shopping or running errands? Add it to the registry.

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 4. Easy 90-Day Return Policy

Didn’t get quite what you were expecting? No problem, Amazon will easily allow you to return or exchange any item within three months.

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5. Exclusive Discounts and Rewards

Get a one-time, 10% discount on select items on your baby registry. You have 60 days before your child’s arrival date to redeem this discount. And if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get a discount up to 15%. Prime members are also eligible for rotating, limited-time offers such as a free Welcome Box (packed with free products and samples for you and your baby), free parenting eBook, discounts from certain vendors, maternity savings and more (Activate your free Amazon Prime trial here).

 6. Fast, Free Shipping

Get free shipping on all orders over $49 and as always, free two-day shipping for all Amazon Prime members. When the baby is due soon, there’s no time to waste, and the fast shipping times help alleviate the stress of waiting for things to arrive.

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 7. Handy Guides Get You What You Want

Amazon has created a comprehensive Registry Checklist to help you find ideas for your registry, allowing you to search through other registries for inspiration. You can also browse the most popular baby registry gifts and find lists of top-rated products to add them to your own list. First-time mom or not sure where to start? Amazon’s helpful guides will get you off the ground, ensuring that you have exactly what you need — and a few extra items you want — for your new arrival.

8. They’ll Send Thank You’s For You

To make shopping even more convenient, Amazon lets customers ship gifts directly to your chosen Amazon Baby Registry address (I.e. no need for them to wait for shipping, then lug it to your shower). An automatically generated Thank You list provides everything you need to send your gift-giver a thank-you note.

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