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Forget Gift Cards, Give the Gift of Prime

* Gift your loved ones a three or 12-month Prime membership
* Includes free two-day shipping on over 50 million items
* Membership also provides free photo storage, free Kindle eBooks and access to Prime Video and music

Give a gift that keeps on giving. Amazon Prime membership may have no physical form, but what could be better for your friend, child or loved one than a wealth of online resources, free delivery on Amazon purchases and access to a range of exclusive offers?

A gift card is a one-time deal. The new way to deliver this season is by gifting your friends an Amazon Prime membership. You’ll have the choice of two durations for your Amazon Prime gift membership, allowing you to choose a 3-month ($33) or 12-month ($99) subscription.

As a Prime member, your friend will enjoy free two-day shipping on over 50 million Amazon items. Not only does this ensure fast shipping, it also means that with every purchase, your friend will save on the usual delivery fees.

Prime also provides an extensive catalog of free online content, including thousands of popular movies and TV shows with Prime Video, millions of streamable songs and endless playlists for your listening entertainment.

To cap it all off, Prime membership allows you to receive free Kindle books and unlimited storage for your photos. It also provides access to member-exclusive deals and perks that aren’t offered to anyone else (think cheaper prices, bonus add-ons and limited-edition products).

Start by signing up for a gift subscription here. After you have made your purchase, Amazon will email the gift recipient on a day of your choosing, allowing them to activate their membership on that very day. You’ll have the option of including a little note, too. From that point on, the fun begins.


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