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These Thoughtful Baby Gifts Will Help You Nail That First Christmas

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas, especially when you stop to consider how quickly the year is already flying by. Besides, when it comes to curating the perfect gifts for all of the loved ones in your life, it really is the thought that counts. And putting early thought into finding that perfect item that will leave your friends and family swooning is always worth it, right? That’s why we’re already assembling the best Christmas gifts of 2021 that will help you find great items for everyone on your list.

But while it may be fun to shop for your pal or that special someone in your life, everyone knows that Christmas with kids is always extra fun. Kids add that infectious spark of joy and enthusiasm that makes Christmas morning positively delightful — even at 4 a.m. Holidays with a baby can be just as special, especially if it’s their first Christmas. That can put extra pressure on gift-givers to find that perfect something, though.

The good news is that when it comes to the best baby gifts, you can always look to the parents for cues. Choose items that you know the child will enjoy, like a learning toy or a fun food set, but that are also parent-approved. A cute onesie with buttons at the bottom to make diaper-changing a breeze? Instant win. A noisy, light-up toy that tired and frazzled parents can’t shut off? Not so much. Consider things the baby might need or can grow with, and if that baby gift also happens to make a mom or dad’s life easier? Well, you’ve got yourself a spectacular present right there.

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Need some more suggestions? Here are some of our top baby gifts of 2021.


1. Marie Chantal Bear Suit


What’s cuter than a baby? How about a baby in a bear suit? This luxe piece, which was designed by Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, makes for a snuggly, unisex gift for babies that parents will totally appreciate. That’s because the onesie has a front closure (easier to change!) and cut-out feet, which means as that babe starts to stand up and maybe even take those first few steps, they won’t slip and slide (or tumble and spill).

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Image courtesy of Maisonette

2. ezpz First Foods Set


By the time babies are about six months old, they’re ready to start real foods, and that’s when the real messy fun begins for parents. Babes are prone to throwing, tossing, smooshing and smashing, which is all a part of how they learn and experience food for the first time. Still, the process can be stressful for adults supervising and cleaning it all up. Make things even easier for the parents in your life with this first food set. The bowl handles hot and cold food and comes with a suction cup so that it adheres to any high chair surface, meaning bored babes can’t just toss the whole thing overboard.

This set can be tossed into the dishwasher for easy clean-up, however, and what parent wouldn’t love that? You can also build your own set via the ezpz online store.

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Image courtesy of ezpz

3. Elephant Critter Nursery Rocker


Deck out any nursery with an extra boost of cute fun with this personalized elephant rocker, which is guaranteed to make you the fun uncle in the eyes of that baby in your life. The piece is great for babies to grow with (it’s recommended for ages one to five), but it’s soft and snuggly, which also makes it perfect for those baby hugs and kisses. It’s also super sturdy thanks to the runners and it can be personalized with any baby’s name at the bottom, making it a thoughtful and cool gift for babies.

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Image courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

4. Honest Company Purely Simple Gift Set


Even babies can enjoy fancy bath stuff, because most babies love hanging out in bubble-filled water. Parents will appreciate this essentials set because it’s got everything they need come bath time, including shampoo, conditioner, lotion and bubble bath. This set also gets bonus points for coming in a reusable gift box, which parents can use to sort and organize baby’s toys or essentials in the future. Grab a set in one of three gentle fragrances, or if you’re unsure how baby’s skin reacts to such scents, go the safe route and pick up a fragrance-free pack instead.

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Image courtesy of The Honest Company


5. Carter’s 6-Pack Original Bodysuits


Spit up, food stains, diaper blowouts and other general daily occurrences mean that babies are constantly running out of clean clothes. While babies themselves don’t seem to mind these things too much (save those poop explosions), parents will always appreciate a few extra onesies. Look for ones that button up at the bottom, which make for an easier change. This neutral set from Carter’s is always a win thanks to the long-sleeve design and overlap shoulders, which make pulling them on and off a breeze.

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Image courtesy of Carter's

6. Wonderbly ABC for You Book


Books are always a great gift for babies and kids alike, but a personalized book is so much more special than your average purchase. ABC for You is specifically designed for the three and under age set and makes learning the alphabet way more personal and fun. Each page is personalized with the baby’s name and image, plus the colorful characters and story are sure to be a hit with parents and kids alike.

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Image courtesy of Wonderbly

7. Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Match and Build Soft Blocks Set


Babies are learning from the second they come into this world, and as they get older, playtime is how they tend to learn. Melissa & Doug offers plenty of parent-recommended toys for kids of all ages, including this soft blocks set designed for those nine months and older. They come in an easy-to-transport carrying case for parents, and the blocks themselves are colorful and offer counting, stacking and matching potential. Plus, they’re a lot safer than your typical wooden blocks, making this set a total win.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

8. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


Whether the baby in your life is straight up walking or learning to stand, a push toy encourages sturdy development. This top Amazon gift for babies is meant for babies as young as nine months, as it features a removable busy pad that’s great for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It also comes with a pretend phone and keyboard for even more sensory fun and development. Plus, you can lock the wheels for bonus safety if the baby is just learning how to stand on his or her own.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

9. Hudson Baby Plush Animal Face Bathrobe


Keep your favorite baby warm and snug all through the winter months with a cozy and stylish bathrobe, which is perfect for post-baths and early mornings alike. The farm design will be familiar to most babes, plus parents can point out all of their kid’s favorite animals while practicing their best cow and chicken sounds. This one is specifically designed for babies zero to nine months, and promises to be soft on their sensitive skin thanks to the 100% plush coral fleece fabric.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

10. Nike Force 1 Mid Baby Shoe


It’s never too early to start building a baby’s kicks collection, especially if the babe in question is starting to walk or teeter. These Nikes aren’t just stylish, but they feature extra safety features like an ankle strap and sturdy soles to help any baby find sure footing. Add in foam midsole cushions and a durable leather material that will stand up to all kinds of baby wear-and-tear, and the parent in your life may be wondering where they too can find themselves a matching pair. For a stylish family, this is one of the best gifts for babies.

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Image courtesy of Nike

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