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Give the Groom a Night He Won’t Forget With These Bachelor Party Supplies

A bachelor party is a night for guys to celebrate with friend’s upcoming union before he walks down the aisle. Over the years, bachelor parties have evolved from a low-key night at the bar to extravagant, weekend-long getaways to destinations like Las Vegas. Whether you’re planning a chill night with the fellas or a three-day party fest that makes the Hangover films look like a G-rated kid’s flicks, you’re going to need supplies.

Bachelor party supplies take an event from being just another regular hang out to a next-level shindig that makes the groom feel special. If you’re a groomsman, picking up the right mix of fun and useful bachelor party supplies can show you put extra thought and effort into your party planning duties and can elevate your event. Bachelor party supplies can double as gifts for attendees to take home as a token of a night (or week) that you won’t forget.

Take your stag night up a notch with bachelor party supplies for men.

1. Bachelor Party Photo Booth Props

If your bachelor party has a ‘pictures or it didn’t happen’ motto, you need the Bachelor Party Photo Booth Props. These fun and funny props will turn a regular night into a memorable bachelor party. The set comes with 36 photo booth props with a variety of bachelor-party themed sayings and pictures. The brightly colored props are printed on thick cardstock paper that can be reused for future parties. Some of the photo booth props can also be repurposed for other parties, including birthdays and weddings.

Pros: The photo booth props can also be taped to walls and doors to be used as decoration.

Cons: The props come with bamboo dowels and clear stickers and must be assembled by the user.

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2. Shop4Ever Groom and Groom’s Drinking Team Member Wedding Drink Coolers

For bachelor party items that attendees will want to keep long after the ‘I do’s,’ we recommend the Shop4Ever Groom and Groom’s Drinking Team Member Can Coolie Wedding Drink Coolers. Keep drinks cool and hands dry with drink coolies that let others know who is part of the bachelor party wolfpack. The black coolies can hold standard 12-ounce and 16-ounce cans and bottles. The durable coolies are made from sturdy polyurethane foam and collapse flat, making them easy to pack if taking to a destination bachelor party. Customers can choose from sets of six, 12 and 24 coolies depending on the size of the bachelor party.

Pros: A bonus ‘Groom’ coolie in white is included in each set.

Cons: There’s no way to personalize the coolies and party attendees may have trouble telling which coolie is theirs.

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3. Shop4Ever Groom and Groom’s Drinking Team Member Shot Glasses

Add a touch of class to your bachelor party with the Shop4Ever Groom and Groom’s Drinking Team Member Shot Glasses. The 12-piece shot glass set includes 11 Team Groom shot glasses and one groom shot glass. Great for bachelor parties, the shot glasses can be filled with candies, small treats, and can be used by grooms when asking friends to be their groomsmen.

Pros: The high-quality glass shot glasses are not only a fun item to use during the bachelor party, but they’re also great to give as a groomsman gift before the wedding.

Cons: The shot glasses have the highest price tag on our list. Like the coolies, it may be difficult to tell whose shot glasses belongs to which groomsman. The shot glasses are breakable.

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