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Cheers the Groom With Custom Bachelor Party Shot Glasses

Bachelor parties are a great way to let your favorite groom know he’s loved and supported. Some of that support may come in liquid form. Drinking is typically a big part of bachelor parties and that means you and your comrades are going to take plenty of shots. But if you’re throwing a bachelor party, why not step up your party to the next level with custom shot glasses and shot glass games. Be a supportive and thoughtful friend who didn’t run to the party store at the last minute to buy everyday, boring shot glasses.

Bachelor party shot glasses come in a variety of options. There are tuxedo shot glasses and the Team Groom shot glasses that let everyone know you’re in wedding-prep mode. There are shot glasses that can be fully personalized, making a great gift to give bachelor party attendees. These can also be presented by grooms to their groomsmen when asking them to be in the wedding party. We also like shot glasses that come in a game set, because if drinking is a sport, bachelor parties are the Olympics (but seriously, be responsible and don’t forget to hydrate).

If you’re looking for shot glasses that take your event from just another bachelor party to a night that will go down in the bachelor party history books, check out these custom and personalized bachelor party shot glasses.

1. Gifts Infinity Bachelor Party Tuxedo Shot Glass

Elevate your bachelor party with the Gifts Infinity Bachelor Party Tuxedo Shot Glass. The glasses are sold in a set of six and can hold two ounces each. The tall shot glasses measure 2 inches high and 1 7/8 inches in diameter. Customers can engrave the shot glasses to include their names and the date of the event (engraving not available through the seller). The shot glasses can be stacked and are more resilient against drops than glass shot glasses.

Pros: Gifts Infinity also sells groomsman proposal cards, gift bags, and matching tuxedo flasks and drink caddies.

Cons: Customers should wash the shot glasses before using them as there may be metal dust inside. The shot glasses are not as long-lasting as thicker glass options.

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2. Shop4Ever Groom and Groom’s Drinking Team Member Shot Glasses

Give your groomsman a gift they’ll want to take home after the party ends with the Shop4Ever Groom and Groom’s Drinking Team Member Shot Glasses. The set of 12 glasses lets everyone know who is on the unofficial drinking team for the groom. The 1.5-ounce glasses are made with high quality, thick glass that makes them a durable keepsake. The glasses can also be used during groomsman proposals and can hold candy and treats.

Pros: Unlike the Gifts Infinity set, the Shop4Ever set comes with one shot glass dedicated to the groom.

Cons: The Shop4Ever glasses can’t be easily personalized and groomsman may have trouble keeping track of which shot glass is theirs.

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3. CKB Products Personalized Set of 6 Shot Glasses

For a totally personalized shot glass that will elevate any bachelor party, we recommend the CKB Products Personalized Set of 6 Shot Glasses. The 1.5-ounce glass shot glasses have room for the names of bachelor party attendees, the date or the event and the location (there are three lines for personalizing and name, date and location are just suggestions). Customers can choose their font and opt for monogrammed initials or full names. CKB even allows customers to use different fonts on the same glass. It’s important to note that personalizing information must be supplied within two hours of ordering the shot glasses, so customers should have all the information before making their purchase.

Pros: Each shot glass can include unique engraving information, including name, date, location and font choice, at no extra cost.

Cons: CKB does not offer different color options for printing.

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4. Perfect Pregame 16 Piece Drinking Games Kit

Get the party started and let the games begin with the Perfect Pregame 16 Piece Drinking Games Kit. The set includes four stainless-steel collapsible shot glasses that can be used as ‘traveler’ shot glasses throughout the night. The telescopic shot glasses can hold three ounces and can be used to play beer pong along with the set’s four ping pong balls. A bottle opener, a deck of cards, four dice and a booklet filled with drinking game ideas all fit neatly into the eight-inch by six-inch zippered case. The case has enough room to fit additional smaller items, including keys, a phone and extra cash.

Pros: The set can be given as a gift for the groom at the end of the bachelor party.

Cons: The shot glasses in the kit can’t be personalized. Only four shot glasses are included.

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