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Packing Has Never Been Easier With This Weekend Getaway Set

* Set of five drawstring, reusable pouches
* Ideal for the weekend getaway
* Perfect gift for the frequent flier

Memorial Day was the unofficial kick-off to summer and now it’s time to schedule impromptu getaways with friends and family. Whether you’re planning a long or short trip this summer, we have found a way to allow for easy and cute organization during and in-between vacations.

The Women’s Weekend Getaway Set by Bag-All is a set of five laundry bags that allows you to easily compartmentalize what goes where when packing and cleaning.

Each bag depicts a cheeky picture showing you what to pack and place in the bags. The small bag is detailed with “Pens, lipstick, hair thingies & other.”

Three medium-sized bags have pajama, shoe and lingerie graphics. The largest bag is printed with “Wash me! Please” messaging. The bags all have drawstring closures and a black grosgrain ribbon cinches each bag for a chic, modern look.

The Bag-All brand philosophy rests on the idea that everyone can make big, positive environmental impact by doing even small things like reusing. Bag-All gift bags and carryalls are designed to be used and reused, cutting down on gift-paper waste and offering a cool, affordable way to wrap gifts and store essentials.

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