Cookies of Your Cuties: We Love These Custom Pet Portrait Cookie Cutters

custom pet cookie cutters
Courtesy of Etsy

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We all know crazy pet people. Some of us are crazy pet people. And whether you are one or just know one, you know crazy pet people like to say (in a totally non-creepy way) that they love their fur babies so much they’d totally eat them up.

And now they can, with these hilarious and awesome Custom Pet Portrait Cookie Cutters available on Etsy from Baker’s Street. Send them a picture of a dog or cat, and two to three weeks later you’ll have custom cookie cutters that look just like your favorite furry friend. We know that buying custom products from Etsy can be hit or miss, but Baker’s Street has hundreds of positive user reviews.

These are great if you’re the pet-obsessed one, and they may be even better as gifts for that person in your life who’s over the top about their doggo or kitty. They probably text you pics of their little buddies all the time anyway. Just send off a couple of those pics to Baker’s Street, the Idaho-based business which has been on Etsy since 2018 making these awesome 4-inch custom cutters, and soon you’ll have a gift your friend or loved one will talk about forever. You may also score a few batches of cookies out of the deal too.

Pet Portrait Cookie Cutter 1 Courtesy of Etsy
Pet Portrait Cookie Cutter 3 Courtesy of Etsy

These cookie cutters don’t roll off an assembly line like some kind of, well, cookie-cutter creation. These are personally designed and every detail is taken care of intimately. Before printing the cutters, Baker’s Street will send you a preview to see and approve, or to make any changes to the design if necessary.

Once completed, the likeness is uncanny. And what better conversation piece could there be than cookies that look exactly like a line drawing of your dog or cat? So what happens when the fur baby in question decides to beg you for one? Do they get one? As long as it’s not chocolate. You can also use these to create healthy, meta pet cookies for your favorite animals.

In order to keep your Custom Pet Portrait Cookie Cutters cranking out cookies of your cuties for years to come, they do need a little specialized care. Hand-clean them only as they’re not dishwasher safe. Store them in a cool, dry place, and keep them away from heat and direct sunlight. Don’t heat them up for whatever reason you would heat up a traditional cookie cutter. With this little bit of TLC, you can eat up your little friends anytime you want.