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Here’s Why Bala Bangles Are My Favorite Not-Insulting Fitness Gift of 2022

Many folks shy away from fitness Christmas gifts out of concern that they’re offensive to the gift-ee or send a subtle message about body image and weight loss.

Fellas, I’m here to share that women won’t be put off by a stylish pair of Bala Bangles this holiday season if you’re inclined to get her something gym-related but are worried about hurt feelings. Fitness equipment isn’t always the most aesthetically-pleasing, but unlike a spin bike, pair of adjustable dumbbells or sweat socks Bala is a brand that’s melded fashion with fitness in a favorable way.

They’re one of my favorite brands of ankle weights and a trendy fitness gift unlikely to offend with their smooth silicone exteriors and comfortable design.


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Bala Bangles come in 1 and 2 pound pairs and are made with a hook-and-loop closure that’s easy to adjust based on the size of your ankles. They can be worn on your wrists or ankles and close with ultra-strong velcro that largely stayed in place during testing.

The minimal matte design on these Bangles is what makes them fashionable and great for adding resistance to a wide range of workouts. You can wear them while doing yoga, running, pilates classes, barre, HIIT or even a walk around the block. I’ve personally worn them doing almost all of these activities and never regret adding them to a workout.

Bala Bangles were featured on Shark Tank and historically roped in all five Sharks fighting for a deal with their company. They come in a bunch of colors on Bala’s website and Amazon and fold up into a small carrying case for transport. I’ve traveled with them a bunch and they add almost no weight to my suitcase which makes them great for working out on the road.

If you still need a gift for your wife, girlfriend or partner — I highly recommend Bala Bangles.