12 Zodiac Gifts for People Who Can’t Get Enough Astrology

best astrology gifts

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Whether you read your horoscope obsessively or roll your eyes at anything involved with the zodiac, you definitely know someone who loves astrology. After all, everyone has met someone who rejoices or flints when they find out your sign. When it’s time to celebrate the astrology lovers in your life, give them one of the best zodiac gifts. These presents are all about channeling the energy of the star signs, so make someone’s day with one of the best zodiac gifts.

For our guide, we’ve scoured the internet, looking every astrology gift that your friends and family members would actually want. You’ll find blankets, tattoos, mugs and even a personalized clock. There aren’t cheap tchotchkes that will quickly find themselves in the trash, but quality gifts your giftee will be excited to unwrap.

So regardless of your sign (and whether or not you believe in the whole thing), take a look at our list of the 12 best astrology gifts below!


 1. Constellation Quilt 

Sleeping under the stars gets a new meaning with this cozy constellation blanket. Designer Emily Fischer was inspired by the constellations, so she captured everything from the Little Dipper to Orion’s Belt. Handmade in India, it’s equally comforting on the bed or the couch.

Constellation Quilt Courtesy of Uncommon Goods



2. Milk Makeup Astrology Tattoo Stamps

Even better than a temporary tattoo, these stamps are water-resistant and transfer-proof, so they aren’t going anywhere. They’re actually good for your skin too, thanks to an infusion of vitamin E and sunflower oil, unlike temporary tattoos, which drying skin out.

Milk Makeup Astrology Tattoo Stamps Courtesy of Milk Makeup


3. Your Astrological Cookbook

If you’re into astrology, you believe your sign influences everything about you — including what you eat. This cookbook takes that to heart and gives specific recipes for each sign, such as Gemini: The Adventurous Chef and Aquarius: The Scientist Chef. It’s written by Bon Appetit astrology columnist Catherine Urban.

Your Astrological Cookbook Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


 4. Slip Silk Zodiac Embroidered Sleep Mask

Slip takes beauty sleep quite literally. Their sleep masks are made from the finest mulberry silk and block out all light while protecting the delicate skin around the eyes. The elegant design makes it a chic way to prevent fine lines.

Slip Silk Zodiac Embroidered Sleep Mask Courtesy of Neiman Marcus


5. Illuminated Constellation Cufflinks

 No matter how old you are, glow in the dark anything is always cool. Case in point, these cufflinks are made with luminous pigments so that the zodiac constellations glow in the dark. In other words, they’re a wearable party trick.

Illuminated Constellation Cufflinks Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


 6. Stone and Strand Zodiac 14-karat Gold Earring

This single stud is meant to be bold and worn solo or you can spring for a pair. Either way, these gold earrings which are handcrafted from polished 14-karat gold make a serious style statement.

Stone and Strand Zodiac 14-karat Gold Earring Courtesy of Net-a-Porter


7. Zodiac Bar Soap

Suds up with your sign! The incredibly chic packaging makes them one of the best zodiac gifts around. No matter the lucky recipient’s sign, each soap features an intoxicating scent of rose, jasmine and sandalwood.

Zodiac Bar Soap Courtesy of Anthropologie


8. Personalized Astrological Date Clock

Pardon the pun, but if astrology makes them tick, they’ll need this clock in their life. Pick a special date in their lives, like their birthday or wedding day, and the custom clock will feature the position the planets were in that day. It’s laser cut from CARB-certified Baltic birch plywood and made in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Personalized Astrological Date Clock Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


9. Alex + Ani Two Tone Charm Bangle

She can actually wear her zodiac sign on her sleeve! The two tone bangle comes with two sets of charms — of course one is of her sign. It’s a safe sizing bet, since it’s expandable from 2″ to 3.5″, so you don’t have to worry about fit.

Alex + Ani Two Tone Charm Bangle Courtesy of Alex + Ani


10. RAJRANG Sun Moon Celestial Tapestry 

Something to brighten up any room, this beautiful tapestry features eastern motifs with modern patterns. Despite its delicate construction, it does need to be hand washed. Use this as a wall hanging, beach blanket or throw to add a celestial touch to your space.

Courtesy of Rajrang


11. Zodiac Candles

We often hear of personality traits being ascribed to different signs, but what about smells? Satisfy your desire to see what a Scorpio smells like while also supporting refugee women, who make all of these candles. Prosperity Candle was started to help break the cycle of poverty for people from developing countries.

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


12. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Heat Changing Constellation Mug

This unique coffee mug appears to be covered in simple constellations, until its temperature changes, and it reveals the zodiac symbols among the night sky. And the best part is that you can give it to anyone regardless of zodiac sign! After all, one can never have too many good mugs.

Courtesy of The Unemployed Philosophers Guild


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