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Grab These Bachelor Party Games and Make It a Weekend You’ll Never Forget

There are so many ways to celebrate a bachelor party. You can throw down in Vegas, rent a cabin in a beautiful destination so all your boys are in one house or even book a flight to a beach destination.

No matter what, you’re going to want to have a lot of fun and one of the best ways to do that is through games. These bachelor party games are designed for, bonding, hilarious inside jokes and all of the other essential components of this sacred bro ritual.

If you’re looking to get to know each other deeper than ever before, we’ve got a solid list of games that’ll help you do just that. Before sending your buddy off onto his new chapter, throw a few of these games into the mix to jumpstart the fun and create some memories.

1. USAOPOLY Telestrations Party

This game is a lot like Pictionary, but done in a way where everyone gets to play. Pick a card and then draw what you see. Once you’re finished, pass your drawing to the next person and see if you can guess what they drew! It’s a lighthearted game that is great for kicking off the night and getting everyone introduced.

Pros: Helps break the ice and gets everyone talking.

Cons: Excellent drawing skills aren’t required but might come in handy.

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2. It’s in The Bag!

Similar to charades, this game forces players to pick a card, describe their card in one word and then act out whatever they’re trying to communicate. For those who know each other well, this is a ton of fun! But be quick, there’s a timer making sure you do it all quickly.

Pros: Great for a large group of friends who know each other well.

Cons: Not the best game for encouraging side communication between people

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3. Never Have I Ever

Have you ever wished you could be rewarded for some of the craziest, most ill-fated decisions you’ve ever made? Now you can!

This deck is filled with opportunities for you to find out secrets you never knew about your closest friends.

The deck comes with 550 cards so you’ll have plenty to discuss with your best friends you THOUGHT you knew everything about.

Pros: Familiar game structure, high-quality cards, simple to play.

Cons: Some of the questions may not be relatable for all groups.

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