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Unite the Squad and Mark the Occasion With Bachelor Party Sunglasses

A bachelor party is a right of passage. It’s a momentous occasion not just for the groom, but for his best friends and finest male counterparts who all come together to celebrate the end of an era, and the start of a new chapter. Some are chill, some are riotous, and some… well, the stories are too legendary to repeat.

No matter what you get up to over the course of your bachelor extravaganza you’ll need some cool shades. Everyone will match, you’ll have something to remember the weekend by and they’ll certainly help with the whole hangover and light sensitivity thing.

Here are our favorite brands of bachelor party sunglasses. Wherever you go for your bachelor party, know you and your pals will be looking good thanks to these shades.

1. Super Z Outlet Vintage Retro Sunglasses

These glasses are made to be partied in with their classic shape and smokey lens. They come in black and white to give you options when planning the big event, and with 24 pairs in a pack, you know you’ll have more than enough to last the whole weekend.

Pros: Unisex, classic shape, stylish.

Cons: Lens is a little cloudy.

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2. BachelorBros Polarized Bachelor Party Sunglasses

You’ve got your groom’s signature white glasses, the best man shades and enough for the whole rest of the party to join in on the fun. They’re polarized and made with quality TAC so you’ve got some actual sun protection with these. They’re also made with durable polycarbonate, so they can take a beating and still be around to wear at the actual wedding. (If the bride will allow it).

Pros: Polarized, labeled, extra durable.

Cons: Black and white are only color options.

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3. Lady & Home Bachelor Party & Wedding Sunglasses

For the classier groups who still want to get after it, these sunglasses are super fun and nice enough to wear to the wedding as well. You can’t go wrong with the classical frame and dark lenses, and they’ve even got UV 400 protection. We like them because out of all the options on our list, their the most subtle and stylish.

Pros: Stylized design, subtle labels, nice enough to wear to the wedding too.

Cons: Labels can rub off with time.

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4. OWL Retro Vintage Colorful Sunglasses

With a variety of colors in frames and lenses, you’ll be mixing and matching all weekend long. This large pack is guaranteed to have a style everyone will like. Choose between three, five, six and 10 and 14 pairs in your pack, depending on the size of the crew.

Pros: Options for lens colors and frames.

Cons: Lenses can scratch easily.

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